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  2. Silamanee - Wikipedia

    Silamanee ( Thai: ศิลามณี; RTGS : Sila Mani; "Quartz") is a Thai costume soap drama (known in Thai as a lakhon thorathat, lakhon or lakorn) with the byline: "The love test of a royal princess and a proud man". [1] The show is a remake of a 1994 drama of the same name [1] [2] that was originally based on a novel. [3]

  3. Thai television soap opera - Wikipedia

    A lakorn episode is normally 1 hour and a small amount or 30 minutes. When internationally broadcast, the running time is around 45 min. per episode. Since January 20, 2023, every Friday night after the evening news (second edition), Channel 7 has stopped broadcasting the television series as it used to be until it became familiar.

  4. Poot Mae Nam Khong - Wikipedia

    The lakorn received a 13 rating from 6.73 million people watching ranked number #3 behind another 2 lakorn starring Pancake. [1] Now, the Lakorn ranked as one of Ch7 ’s hit makers for the second half of the year along with Silamanee and Muay Inter.

  5. Pob Pee Fah - Wikipedia

    Pob Pee Fah was considered by many to be one of the scariest of Thai lakorns, and actress Woranut Wongsawan, appearing in her first lakorn, claimed in a later interview that a real Pee Fah (a type of Thai ghost) appeared during the shooting of one of the scenes. Contents 1 The legend 2 Plot summary 2.1 First Generation 2.2 Second Generation

  6. Sapai Look Tung - Wikipedia

    Sapai Look Tung ( Thai: สะใภ้ลูกทุ่ง; RTGS : Sa-phai Luk Thung; "Country Daughter-in-law") is a Thai Romance Comedy Lakorn, produced by Channel 3, a famous Thai television channel. The lakorn starring by Mart Krissada and Janie Tienposuwan as the leading roles as well as Notable supporting cast includes: Ace Worrarit ...

  7. Khluen Chiwit - Wikipedia

    Kluen Cheewit ( Thai: คลื่นชีวิต, lit. "Life's Waves" or "Waves of Life", also spelled Kluen Cheevit) is a 2017 Thai drama that stars Prin Suparat, Urassaya Sperbund, Louis Scott (actor), and Jarinporn Joonkiat. It aired on Channel 3 from January 23, 2017 to March 13, 2017 (Monday and Tuesday). The drama is based on a novel ...

  8. Nang Tard - Wikipedia

    The lakorn stars Suvanant Kongying and Vee Veerapat in the main roles with several talented actresses such as Pok Piyatida in the role of Khun Ying Yaem and May Bunthita as Boonmee. The story is set in a time when slavery was legal in Thailand. Contents 1 Summary 2 Cast 3 Reception 4 Awards 5 Awards and nominations 6 References 7 External links