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  2. York University - Wikipedia

    York University (French: Université York), also known as YorkU or simply YU, is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.It is Canada's fourth-largest university, and it has approximately 55,700 students, 7,000 faculty and staff, and over 325,000 alumni worldwide.

  3. History of Toronto - Wikipedia

    Toronto, the Belfast of Canada : the Orange Order and the shaping of municipal culture. University of Toronto Press. ISBN 9781442614680. Woodard, Colin (2011). American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America. New York: The Penguin Group. ISBN 978-0-14-312202-9. Notes

  4. York, Upper Canada - Wikipedia,_Upper_Canada

    York was a town and second capital of the colony of Upper Canada.It is the predecessor to the old city of Toronto (1834–1998).It was established in 1793 by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe as a "temporary" location for the capital of Upper Canada, while he made plans to build a capital near today's London, Ontario.

  5. University of Toronto Scarborough - Wikipedia

    The University of Toronto Scarborough, also known as U of T Scarborough or UTSC, is one of the three campuses that make up the tri-campus system of the University of Toronto. Located in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the campus is set upon suburban parkland in the residential neighbourhood of Highland Creek.

  6. Battle of York - Wikipedia

    The Battle of York was a War of 1812 battle fought in York, Upper Canada (today's Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on April 27, 1813.An American force supported by a naval flotilla landed on the lakeshore to the west and advanced against the town, which was defended by an outnumbered force of regulars, militia and Ojibway natives under the overall command of Major General Roger Hale Sheaffe, the ...

  7. Regional Municipality of York - Wikipedia

    The Regional Municipality of York, also called York Region, is a regional municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada, between Lake Simcoe and Toronto.The region was established after the passing of then Bill 102, An Act to Establish The Regional Municipality of York in 1970.

  8. Toronto Varsity Blues - Wikipedia

    The Toronto Varsity Blues is the intercollegiate sports program at the University of Toronto. Its 43 athletic teams regularly participate in competitions held by Ontario University Athletics and U Sports. The Varsity Blues traces its founding to 1877, with the formation of the men's football team.

  9. Name of Toronto - Wikipedia

    Toronto is home to the world's third largest English-speaking theatre district after London and New York City. [47] "The 416 ", referring to the original telephone area code for much of the city (the other area codes are 647 and 437); the surrounding GTA suburbs , now using area codes 905, 289, and 365 , are similarly "the 905".