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  2. China says it is canceling or suspending dialogue with the U.S. on issues from climate change to military relations and anti-drug efforts in retaliation for a visit this week to Taiwan by U.S ...

  3. Mandarin Chinese - Wikipedia

    wǒ I 给 gěi give 你 nǐ you 一本 yìběn one- CLF 书 shū book 我 给 你 一本 书 wǒ gěi nǐ yìběn shū I give you {one-CLF} book In southern dialects, as well as many southwestern and Lower Yangtze dialects, the objects occur in the reverse order. Most varieties of Chinese use post-verbal particles to indicate aspect, but the particles used vary. Most Mandarin dialects use the ...

  4. More (K/DA song) - Wikipedia

    "More" is composed of the K/DA's original singers Evelynn, Ahri, and Kai'Sa, as well as Akali, who returns to the group after debuting in True Damage in 2019. Seraphine, the 152nd champion and new champion of League of Legends, participates as a featured artist, singing the bridge with a mix of Chinese and English lyrics.

  5. Hakka Chinese - Wikipedia

    Hakka languages (Chinese: 客家話; pinyin: Kèjiāhuà, Chinese: 客語; pinyin: Kèyǔ, Hak-kâ-va) form a language group of varieties of Chinese, spoken natively by the Hakka people throughout Southern China and Taiwan and throughout the diaspora areas of East Asia, Southeast Asia and in overseas Chinese communities around the world.

  6. History of China - Wikipedia

    The earliest known written records of the history of China date from as early as 1250 BC, from the Shang dynasty (c. 1600–1046 BC), during the reign of king Wu Ding, [1] [2] referred to in the records as the twenty-first King of Shang. [3] [4] Ancient historical texts such as the Book of Documents (early chapters, 11th century BC), the Bamboo ...

  7. Chinese people in Myanmar - Wikipedia

    Chinese entrepreneurs have been increasingly involved in Mandalay's economy since the imposition of sanctions by the United States and the European Union in the 1990s. During Burma's open-door immigration policy in the 1990s, Mandalay became the most attractive destination for massive Chinese migration and newly settled Han Chinese immigrants.

  8. Moe (band) - Wikipedia

    Moe (stylized as moe. ) is an American jam rock band, formed at the University at Buffalo in 1989. The band members are Rob Derhak ( bass , vocals ), Al Schnier ( guitar , vocals , keyboard ), Chuck Garvey ( guitar , vocals ), Vinnie Amico ( drums ), and Jim Loughlin ( percussion ).