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  2. List of t'ai chi ch'uan forms - Wikipedia'ai_chi_ch'uan_forms

    36 - Yang Shi Tai Chi Fan. 40 - Chen Broadsword. 42 - T'ai Chi Dao of T'ien Ti Tao/Tiandidao. 42 - Competition Sword Tai Chi Jian (complements 42 Tai Chi Chuan competition forms) 46 - Chen Broadsword, Beijing Branch (Tian Qiutian) [10] 48 - Chen Hand Fan (Ma Chunxi) [11] 48 - Chen Shi (Chen Style) Xinyi Hun Yuan sword.

  3. Pinan - Wikipedia

    Pinan is the Chinese Pinyin notation of 平安; when Gichin Funakoshi brought karate to Japan, he spelt the kata name as Heian, which is the onyomi of 平安. Pinan or Heian means "peaceful and safe". Korean Tang Soo Do, one of 5 original kwan of Korea, also practice these kata; they are termed, "Pyong-an" or "Pyung-Ahn", which is a Korean ...

  4. Four arts - Wikipedia

    A Chinese calligrapher Shu (書) refers to Chinese calligraphy, which dates to the origins of recorded Chinese history, in essence ever since written characters have existed. Chinese calligraphy is said to be an expression of a practitioner's poetic nature, as well as a significant test of manual dexterity.

  5. Microblogging in China - Wikipedia

    Weibo (微博 wēi bó) is a general term for microblogging, but normally understood as Chinese-based mini-blogging services, including social chat sites and platform sharing. Weibo services makes it possible for internet users to set up real-time information sharing communities individually, and upload and update information.

  6. Cursive script (East Asia) - Wikipedia

    Cursive script ( traditional Chinese: 草書; simplified Chinese: 草书; pinyin: cǎoshū; Japanese: 草書体, sōshotai; Korean: 초서, choseo; Vietnamese: thảo thư ), often mistranslated as grass script, is a script style used in Chinese and East Asian calligraphy. It is an umbrella term for the cursive variants of the clerical script and the regular script. [1]

  7. Shenxian Zhuan - Wikipedia

    The Shenxian Zhuan, sometimes given in translation as the Biographies of the Deities and Immortals, is a hagiography of immortals and description of Chinese Deities, partially attributed to the Taoist practitioner and scholar, Ge Hong (283-343). In the history of Chinese literature, the Shenxian Zhuan followed the Liexian Zhuan ("Collected ...

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    related to: xuele chinese website free printable forms