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  2. Living Books - Wikipedia

    Living Books is a series of interactive read-along adventures aimed at children aged 3–9. Created by Mark Schlichting, the series was mostly developed by Living Books for CD-ROM and published by Broderbund for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

  3. History of Sega - Wikipedia

    Shortly after the launch of the SG-1000, Gulf and Western began to divest itself of its non-core businesses after the death of Bluhdorn. At the time, Gulf and Western owned 91 percent of Sega Enterprises, Inc. Nakayama and Rosen arranged a management buyout of the Japanese subsidiary in 1984 with financial backing from CSK Corporation, a prominent Japanese software company.

  4. Digital divide - Wikipedia

    The digital divide is the unequal access to digital technology, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the internet. The digital divide creates a division and inequality around access to information and resources.

  5. Dreamcast - Wikipedia

    The Dreamcast is a home video game console released by Sega on November 27, 1998, in Japan, September 9, 1999, in North America and October 14, 1999, in Europe. It was the first sixth generation video game console, preceding Sony's PlayStation 2, Nintendo's GameCube and Microsoft's Xbox, and was Sega's final console, ending the company's eighteen years in the console market.

  6. Sega - Wikipedia

    Sega Corporation is a Japanese multinational video game and entertainment company headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo.Its international branches, Sega of America and Sega Europe, are headquartered in Irvine, California and London, respectively.

  7. Shortages related to the COVID-19 pandemic - Wikipedia

    In case of shortage, triage strategies had been discussed. One strategy was to grade the patient on dimensions such as prospects for short-term survival, prospects for long-term survival, stage of life; pregnancy and fairness. The original 15 to 20 day intubation duration was a complicating factor in the shortage. Official assessments