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  2. 30 - Wikipedia

    30– , the series finale of the HBO original series The Wire; 30 (tennis), a score indicating two points won; 30 caliber; See also. The Thirty (disambiguation) Renault 30, a French car produced between 1975 and 1984; List of highways numbered 30

  3. GDDR SDRAM - Wikipedia

    Graphics DDR SDRAM (GDDR SDRAM) is a type of synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) specifically designed for applications requiring high bandwidth, e.g. graphics processing units (GPUs).

  4. Icemaker - Wikipedia

    Finally, the timer runs a rotating arm that scoops the ice cubes out of the mold and into a bin, and the cycle repeats. If the bin fills with ice, the ice pushes up a wire arm, which shuts off the icemaker until the ice level in the bin goes down again. The user can also lift up the wire arm at any time to stop the production of ice.

  5. DDR SDRAM - Wikipedia

    In the late 1980s IBM had built DRAMs using a dual-edge clocking feature and presented their results in the International Solid-State Circuits Convention in 1990.. Samsung demonstrated the first DDR memory prototype in 1997, and released the first commercial DDR SDRAM chip (64 Mb) in June 1998, followed soon after by Hyundai Electronics (now SK Hynix) the same year.

  6. Burroughs large systems - Wikipedia

    The storage required for the multiple processes came from the system's memory pool as needed. There was no need to do SYSGENs on Burroughs systems as with competing systems in order to preconfigure memory partitions in which to run tasks. Tagged architecture. The most defining aspect of the B5000 is that it is a stack machine as treated above.

  7. Dynamic random-access memory - Wikipedia

    The desired row's word-line is then driven high to connect a cell's storage capacitor to its bit-line. This causes the transistor to conduct, transferring charge from the storage cell to the connected bit-line (if the stored value is 1) or from the connected bit-line to the storage cell (if the stored value is 0). Since the capacitance of the ...

  8. Color depth - Wikipedia

    a 6×7×6 cube, leaving 4 colors for a programmable palette or grays. a 6×8×5 cube, leaving 16 colors for a programmable palette or grays. 12-bit color. 4096 colors, usually from a fully-programmable palette (though it was often set to a 16×16×16 color cube).

  9. Gestalt psychology - Wikipedia

    Gestalt psychology, gestaltism or configurationism is a school of psychology that emerged in the early twentieth century in Austria and Germany as a theory of perception that was a rejection of basic principles of Wilhelm Wundt's and Edward Titchener's elementalist and structuralist psychology.