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  2. Ivanka Trump answers questions from Jan. 6 committee for more ...

    Ivanka Trump, former White House adviser and the eldest daughter of former President Donald Trump, answered questions for more than eight hours Tuesday before the congressional committee ...

  3. Yahoo! Answers - Wikipedia!_Answers

    Answers was a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) website or knowledge market owned by Yahoo! where users would ask questions and answer those submitted by others, and upvote them to increase their visibility. Questions were organised into categories with multiple sub-categories under each to cover every topic users may ask questions on ...

  4. Interrogatories - Wikipedia

    In England and Wales, firstly the person wanting to know the information requests it in writing, either in letter form or, more usually, on a blank document with the questions on one side of the page and space for the answers on the other side. A deadline is set for the opponent to answer the request.

  5. Sarah Palin email hack - Wikipedia

    Rubico wrote that he used the Sarah Palin Wikipedia article to find Palin's birth date (one of the standard security questions used by Yahoo!.) in "15 seconds." The hacker posted the account's password on /b/, an image board on 4chan, and screenshots from within the account to WikiLeaks.

  6. Deposition (law) - Wikipedia

    In Australia, and in England and Wales, there is no right of oral examination of opposing parties in civil litigation, save that in England and Wales the pre-litigation discovery process allows for each party to make written questions, with the answers to those questions being relied upon during trial if there is any discrepancy in the oral evidence given in court.