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  2. WhatsApp - Wikipedia

    WhatsApp Web's user interface is based on the default Android one and can be accessed through Access is granted after the users scan their personal QR code through their mobile WhatsApp application. As of January 21, 2015, the desktop version was only available to Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone users.

  3. Timeline of WhatsApp - Wikipedia

    WhatsApp launches WhatsApp Web, a web client which can be used through a web browser by syncing with the mobile device's connection. 2015: January 21: Product: WhatsApp announces its policy on cracking down on 3rd-party clients, including WhatsApp+.

  4. File:WhatsApp.svg - Wikipedia

    Reverted to version as of 15:01, 5 April 2018 (UTC) Colour in previous version does not match the WhatsApp brand guidelines as provided. 12:09, 18 October 2018 200 × 200 (2 KB)

  5. Talk:WhatsApp - Wikipedia

    WhatsApp has been listed as a level-5 vital article in Society. ... an attempt to create and link together articles about the major websites on the web.

  6. Tornado (web server) - Wikipedia

    Tornado is a scalable, non-blocking web server and web application framework written in Python. It was developed for use by FriendFeed; the company was acquired by Facebook in 2009 and Tornado was open-sourced soon after.

  7. ooVoo - Wikipedia

    ooVoo was a video chat and a messaging app developed by ooVoo LLC and owned by Krush Technologies, LLC. ooVoo had applications for Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, and Facebook.

  8. List of mergers and acquisitions by Facebook - Wikipedia

    Facebook, Inc. is a social networking company that has acquired 91 other companies, including WhatsApp. The WhatsApp acquisition closed at a steep $16 billion; more than $40 per user of the platform. Facebook also purchased the defunct company ConnectU in a court settlement and acquired intellectual property formerly held by rival Friendster.

  9. Curve25519 - Wikipedia

    Mathematical properties. The curve used is = + +, a Montgomery curve, over the prime field defined by the prime number, and it uses the base point =.This point generates a cyclic subgroup whose order is the prime +, this subgroup has a co-factor of , meaning the number of elements in the subgroup is / that of the elliptic curve group.