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  2. Northern Territory National Emergency Response - Wikipedia

    The Northern Territory National Emergency Response, also known as "The Intervention" or the Northern Territory Intervention, and sometimes the abbreviation "NTER" (for Northern Territory Emergency Response) was a package of measures enforced by legislation affecting Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia, which lasted from 2007 until 2012.

  3. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - Wikipedia

    Early intervention programs for children living in low socioeconomic situations, such as the Head Start Program, began showing up around the country. Education was soon at the forefront of many political agendas.

  4. Response to Intervention - Wikipedia

    In education, Response to Intervention (commonly abbreviated RTI or RtI) is an approach to academic intervention used in the United States to provide early, systematic, and appropriately intensive assistance to children who are at risk for or already underperforming as compared to appropriate grade- or age-level standards. RTI seeks to promote ...

  5. Traditional mathematics - Wikipedia

    Traditional mathematics (sometimes classical math education) was the predominant method of mathematics education in the United States in the early-to-mid 20th century. This contrasts with non-traditional approaches to math education. [1]

  6. Minor (law) - Wikipedia

    Childcare; At home; Parents; Extended family; Au pair; Babysitting; Governess; Nanny; Outside the home; Day care; Pre-school playgroup; Educational settings; Early ...

  7. Triangulation (social science) - Wikipedia

    In the social sciences, triangulation refers to the application and combination of several research methods in the study of the same phenomenon. By combining multiple observers, theories, methods, and empirical materials, researchers hope to overcome the weakness or intrinsic biases and the problems that come from single method, single-observer, and single-theory studies.

  8. Individualized Education Program - Wikipedia

    When children are diagnosed early, they can start receiving services at earlier stages of development. State health and/or education departments offer early intervention services for children under the age of three years, while the public school system offers services for children from ages three through twenty-one. Members of the IEP team

  9. Play therapy - Wikipedia

    Play therapy is an evidence based approach for children that allows them to find ways to learn, process their emotions, and make meaning of the world around them. Play therapy can be used for several reasons including trauma, autism, behavior, attachment, and language.