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  3. .22 Winchester Rimfire - Wikipedia

    The .22 Winchester Rimfire (commonly called the .22 WRF) is an American rimfire rifle cartridge

  4. Grumman E-1 Tracer - Wikipedia

    The E-1 was designated WF under the 1922 United States Navy aircraft designation system; the designation earned it the nickname "Willy Fudd".The Tracer was derived from the C-1 Trader, itself a derivative of the S-2 Tracker carrier-based antisubmarine aircraft, known as S2F under the old system, nicknamed "Stoof", leading to the WF/E-1, with its distinctive radome, being known as "Stoof with a ...

  5. Dodge T-, V-, W-Series - Wikipedia,_V-,_W-Series

    TF-, VF-, and WF-models were either 1-ton or 11⁄2 -ton, [nb 2] ranging in wheelbase from 126–190 in (320–483 cm). Second letter G- and H-models were consistently 11⁄2 -ton and 2-ton rated, respectively, ranging in wheelbase from 136–220 in (345–559 cm).

  6. Dodge WC series - Wikipedia

    The "Ben Hur" 1-ton, 2-wheel cargo-trailer was frequently mated to the WC series trucks. The Dodge WC series, sometimes nicknamed 'Beeps', [nb 3] were a prolific range of light 4WD and medium 6WD military utility trucks, produced by Dodge / Fargo during World War II. [nb 4] Together with the 1⁄4 -ton jeeps produced by Willys and Ford, the ...

  7. .32-20 Winchester - Wikipedia

    Most .310 cadet chambered rifles need to have the rim of the .32-20 case reduced from 0.065" to under 0.045" (1.7 mm to 1.14 mm), to allow proper head spacing and operation of rifle. However, in the instance of a lever action .32-20 fitted with a .310 barrel, the rifle will cycle better without the case rim thickness being reduced.

  8. Tungsten hexafluoride - Wikipedia

    Tungsten (VI) fluoride, also known as tungsten hexafluoride, is an inorganic compound with the formula W F 6. It is a toxic, corrosive, colorless gas, with a density of about 13 grams per litre (0.00047 lb/cu in) (roughly 11 times heavier than air). [1] [2] [3] It is one of the densest known gases under standard conditions. [4]

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    related to: wf dimensions