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  2. Infrastructure in Warsaw - Wikipedia

    Three supply systems serve Warsaw inhabitants. Wodociąg Centralny (Central Water Main) is the oldest. [2] It was built in the 19th century. After many renovations, it is still functioning and providing water for more than half of Warsaw's residents. [2] The other supply systems are Wodociąg Praski ( Praga Water Main) and Wodociąg Północny ...

  3. Warsaw - Wikipedia

    Warsaw (Polish: Warszawa, ()), officially the Capital City of Warsaw, is the capital and largest city of Poland.The metropolis stands on the River Vistula in east-central Poland, and its population is officially estimated at 1.86 million residents within a greater metropolitan area of 3.1 million residents, which makes Warsaw the 6th most-populous city in the European Union.

  4. Warsaw Community High School - Wikipedia

    Website. Warsaw Community High School. [2] [3] Warsaw Community High School is a public high school located in Warsaw, Indiana, the county seat of Kosciusko County. It is in the Warsaw Community Schools Corporation. The Principal of WCHS is Troy Akers. The current building located on State Road 15 was built in 1990. [4]

  5. Warsaw University of Life Sciences - Wikipedia

    The Warsaw University of Life Sciences ( Polish: Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego, lit. 'Main School of Rural Homestead', SGGW) is the largest agricultural university in Poland, established in 1816 in Warsaw. It employs over 2,600 staff including over 1,200 academic educators. The University is since 2005 a member of the Euroleague for ...

  6. History of Warsaw - Wikipedia

    The history of Warsaw spans over 1400 years. In that time, the city evolved from a cluster of villages to the capital of a major European power, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth —and, under the patronage of its kings, a center of enlightenment and otherwise unknown tolerance. Fortified settlements founded in the 9th century form the core ...

  7. Warsaw concentration camp - Wikipedia

    The Warsaw concentration camp ( German: Konzentrationslager Warschau, KL Warschau; see other names) [2] was a German concentration camp in occupied Poland during World War II, formed on the base of the now-nonexistent Gęsiówka prison, in what is today the Warsaw neighbourhood of Muranów. It was created on the order of Reichsführer-SS ...

  8. Destruction of Warsaw - Wikipedia

    German forces destroyed 85% of Warsaw. The Warsaw Uprising was launched by the Polish Home Army on August 1, 1944, as part of Operation Tempest. In response, under orders from Heinrich Himmler, Warsaw was kept under ceaseless barrage by Nazi artillery and air power for sixty-three days and nights by Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski .