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  2. Marie Curie - Wikipediałodowska-Curie

    Władysław Skłodowski taught mathematics and physics, subjects that Maria was to pursue, and was also director of two Warsaw gymnasia (secondary schools) for boys. After Russian authorities eliminated laboratory instruction from the Polish schools, he brought much of the laboratory equipment home and instructed his children in its use. [14]

  3. Warsaw Ghetto - Wikipedia's_Jewish_Ghetto

    Rabbi Alexander Friedman, secretary-general of Agudath Israel of Poland, was one of the Torah leaders [clarification needed] in the Warsaw Ghetto; he organized an underground network of religious schools, including "a Yesodei HaTorah school for boys, a Bais Yaakov school for girls, a school for elementary Jewish instruction, and three ...

  4. History of Jews in Poland - Wikipedia–Jewish_history

    The YIVO (Jidiszer Wissenszaftlecher Institute) Scientific Institute was based in Wilno before transferring to New York during the war. In Warsaw, important centers of Judaic scholarship, such the Main Judaic Library and the Institute of Judaic Studies were located, along with numerous Talmudic Schools (Jeszybots), religious centers and ...

  5. Japanese School of New York - Wikipedia

    The school, which opened on September 2, 1975 in Queens, New York City, was New York City's first Japanese language day school. The school was established because several Japanese parents were concerned with their children's education in the U.S., and all parties at the school emphasized re-integration into the Japanese educational system when ...

  6. Niagara-Wheatfield Central School District - Wikipedia

    Niagara-Wheatfield Central School District is a public school district in New York State located in the Town of Lewiston, New York, about 10 miles (16 km) from Niagara Falls, New York. The District serves students from the towns of Niagara and Wheatfield .

  7. Nicolas Chopin - Wikipediałaj_Chopin

    Nicolas Chopin was born in the village of Marainville-sur-Madon (Vosges department), in the province of Lorraine, France.He was the son of François Chopin (9 November 1738, Ambacourt – 31 January 1814, Marainville), a wheelwright and village administrator for Marainville, and Marguerite, née Deflin (1 February 1736, Diarville – 21 August 1794, Marainville), an educator respected by her ...

  8. History of the Jews in 20th-century Poland - Wikipedia

    Jews were primarily centered in large agglomerations: 77% lived in the cities and 23% in the villages. In 1939 there were 375,000 Jews in Warsaw, or one third of the city's population. Only New York City had more Jewish residents than Warsaw. Jewish religious groups, political parties, newspapers and theatre thrived.

  9. Sigmund Rolat - Wikipedia

    Sigmund A. Rolat (originally Zygmunt Rozenblat) was born on July 1, 1930 in Częstochowa, Poland. His grandfather Abram Rozenblat was the founder of the first Jewish elementary school where all subjects were taught exclusively in Polish. Rolat's happy childhood in pre-war Częstochowa left unforgettable memories.

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    related to: warsaw elementary school warsaw ny