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  2. This $98 storage island is like adding extra countertops to ...

    This storage cart is like adding three extra cabinets to your kitchen — instantly. Each of the three shelves holds up to 88 pounds, making them ideal for storing bulky items, while the 10 hooks ...

  3. Uniform 9-polytope - Wikipedia

    Uniform 9-polytope. In nine-dimensional geometry, a nine-dimensional polytope or 9-polytope is a polytope contained by 8-polytope facets. Each 7-polytope ridge being shared by exactly two 8-polytope facets . A uniform 9-polytope is one which is vertex-transitive, and constructed from uniform 8-polytope facets .

  4. Viking program - Wikipedia

    Each orbiter, based on the earlier Mariner 9 spacecraft, was an octagon approximately 2.5 m (8.2 ft) across. The fully fueled orbiter-lander pair had a mass of 3,527 kg (7,776 lb). After separation and landing, the lander had a mass of about 600 kg (1,300 lb) and the orbiter 900 kg (2,000 lb).

  5. Perfection (board game) - Wikipedia

    Perfection is a game originally produced by the Pennsylvania company Reed Toys and then by the Milton Bradley company. The object is to put all the pieces into matching holes on the board (pushed down) before the time limit runs out. When time runs out, the board springs up, causing many, if not all, of the pieces to fly out.

  6. AOL latest headlines, entertainment, sports, articles for business, health and world news.

  7. 9-cube - Wikipedia

    9-cube. In geometry, a 9-cube is a nine- dimensional hypercube with 512 vertices, 2304 edges, 4608 square faces, 5376 cubic cells, 4032 tesseract 4-faces, 2016 5-cube 5-faces, 672 6-cube 6-faces, 144 7-cube 7-faces, and 18 8-cube 8-faces . It can be named by its Schläfli symbol {4,3 7 }, being composed of three 8-cubes around each 7-face.

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    related to: walmart 9 cube organizer instructions