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  2. WebAssembly - Wikipedia

    History. WebAssembly was first announced in 2015, and the first demonstration was executing Unity's Angry Bots in Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. The precursor technologies were asm.js from Mozilla and Google Native Client, and the initial implementation was based on the feature set of asm.js. The asm.js technology already provides near-native code execution speeds and can be ...

  3. United Wa State Army - Wikipedia

    The United Wa State Army (Chinese: 佤邦联合军; pinyin: Wǎbāng Liánhéjūn; Burmese: ဝပြည် သွေးစည်းညီညွတ်ရေး တပ်မတော်, IPA: [wa̰ pjì θwésí ɲìɲʊʔjé taʔmədɔ̀]), abbreviated as the UWSA or the UWS Army, is the military wing of the United Wa State Party (UWSP), the de facto ruling party of Wa State (officially known ...

  4. Leavenworth, Washington - Wikipedia,_Washington

    Leavenworth is a city in Chelan County, Washington, United States.It is part of the Wenatchee−East Wenatchee Metropolitan Statistical Area.The population was 1,965 at the 2010 census.

  5. Poulsbo, Washington - Wikipedia,_Washington

    Poulsbo (/ ˈ p ɔː l z b oʊ / PAWLZ-boh) is a city on Liberty Bay in Kitsap County, Washington, United States.It is the smallest of the four cities in Kitsap County. The population was 9,200 at the 2010 census and an estimated 10,927 in 2018.

  6. Target archery - Wikipedia

    Standard WA targets are marked with 10 evenly spaced concentric rings, which generally have score values from 1 through 10 assigned to them, except in outdoor Imperial rounds under AGB rules, where they have score values 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. In addition, there is an inner 10 ring, sometimes called the X ring.

  7. Port Gamble, Washington - Wikipedia,_Washington

    Port Gamble is an unincorporated community on the northwestern shore of the Kitsap Peninsula in Kitsap County, Washington, United States.It is also a small, eponymous bay, along which the community lies, near the entrance to Hood Canal.

  8. Thurston County, Washington - Wikipedia,_Washington

    Thurston County is a county located in the U.S. state of Washington.As of the 2020 census, its population was 294,793. The county seat and largest city is Olympia, the state capital.

  9. Outrigger boat - Wikipedia

    Outrigger boats were originally developed by the Austronesian-speaking peoples of the islands of Southeast Asia for sea travel. It is believed that the use of outriggers may have been initially caused by the need for stability on small watercraft after the invention of crab claw sails some time around 1500 BCE.