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  2. Visual Basic (classic) - Wikipedia

    Visual Basic 3.0 was released in the summer of 1993 and came in Standard and Professional versions. VB3 included version 1.1 of the Jet Database Engine that could read and write Jet (or Access) 1.x databases. Visual Basic 4.0 (August 1995) was the first version that could create 32-bit as well as 16-bit Windows programs. It has three editions ...

  3. Talk:Visual Basic .NET - Wikipedia

    Since Microsoft has dropped the .NET designation from Visual Basic 2005 and later, I propose renaming the Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET articles to more closely match current usage. Rename "Visual Basic" to "Visual Basic Classic". ("Visual Basic" would temporarily become a redirect.) Enlist someone good with AutoWikiBrowser to replace the ...

  4. Talk:Visual Basic for Applications - Wikipedia

    A common use of VBA is to add functionality that may be missing from the standard user interface. Use of VBA is made much easier by using named variables on the spreadsheet, as shown at the left. The formula for y=x2 resembles Fortran or BASIC, and the Name Manager shows the definitions of column variables y and x .

  5. Talk:Access Database Engine - Wikipedia

    Nothing is said in the article about all the options to compact/repair a Jet database file. This can be done through: (1) MS-Access Software Menu Option (2) JetComp.exe standalone utility, in both GUI and command line modes (3) Programmatically using the Method for CompactRepair. (4) 3rd Party Tools (5):

  6. Object–relational database - Wikipedia–relational_database

    The ORDBMS (like ODBMS or OODBMS) is integrated with an object-oriented programming language. The characteristic properties of ORDBMS are 1) complex data, 2) type inheritance, and 3) object behavior. Complex data creation in most SQL ORDBMSs is based on preliminary schema definition via the user-defined type (UDT).

  7. Visual J Sharp - Wikipedia

    Visual J# (pronounced "jay- sharp ") is a discontinued implementation of the J# programming language that was a transitional language for programmers of Java and Visual J++ languages, so they could use their existing knowledge and applications with the .NET Framework. [1] [2] It was introduced in 2002 [3] and discontinued in 2007, with support ...

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    related to: visual basic access database