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  2. Land value tax - Wikipedia

    The present value of ground-rent is the basis for land prices. A land value tax (LVT) will reduce the ground rent received by the landlord, and thus will decrease the price of land, holding all else constant. The rent charged for land may also decrease as a result of efficiency gains if speculators stop hoarding unused land.

  3. Highest and best use - Wikipedia

    The market value would be $225,000 ($250,000 site value minus $25,000 demolition cost). However, if the demolition costs rose to $55,000, the highest and best use would be the existing residential use, because the value as a commercial lot (now $195,000) would not exceed the existing value as a residence.

  4. Real estate appraisal - Wikipedia

    Appraisals of more commercial properties (e.g., income-producing, raw land) are often reported in narrative format and completed by a Certified General Appraiser. Contents 1 Types of value 1.1 Price vs value 1.2 Market value definitions in the United States 2 Main approaches to value 2.1 The sales comparison approach

  5. Land banking - Wikipedia

    A purchaser might pay £15,000 for a land plot that only has a current market value of £500. On this basis, most of the investment is not in land, and the small percentage annual increases in the value of the land plot are meaningless. The actual investment is in a proposed service to deliver valuable approved building land in the future.

  6. Property tax - Wikipedia

    To calculate the property tax, the authority multiplies the assessed value by the mill rate and then divides by 1,000. For example, a property with an assessed value of $50,000 located in a municipality with a mill rate of 20 mills would have a property tax bill of $1,000 per year. [4] By jurisdiction [ edit]

  7. Imputed rent - Wikipedia

    In this case, market rents are used to estimate the value to the property owner. Thus, imputed rent offers a way to compare homeowners' and tenants' economic decisions. More formally, in owner-occupancy, the landlord–tenantrelationship is short-circuited. Consider a model: two people, A and B, each of whom owns property.

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    related to: vacant land value calculator