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  2. Timeline of women in warfare and the military in the United ...

    The first group of U.S. female submariners completed nuclear power school and officially reported on board two ballistic and two guided missile submarines in November 2011. Pratima Dharm, born in India, became the U.S. Army's first Hindu chaplain, as well as the first female chaplain of Indian descent in the U.S. Army.

  3. Hyman G. Rickover - Wikipedia

    Hyman G. Rickover (January 27, 1900 – July 8, 1986) was an admiral in the U.S. Navy. He directed the original development of naval nuclear propulsion and controlled its operations for three decades as director of the U.S. Naval Reactors office. In addition, he oversaw the development of the Shippingport Atomic Power Station, the world's first ...


  5. Wikipedia:WikiProject Military history/Assessment/Drive/100

    This Military history WikiProject page is an archive, log collection, or currently inactive page; it is kept primarily for historical interest.