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    Login via the "UNI eLearning Logins", here on this page. Visit our LinkedIn Learning "Tools" page for more information. Faculty, IT-Educational Technology and Media Services provides on-call support in your classroom from 7:30 am to 7 pm. Use either the classroom phone or your cell phone to call 273-5555 and be sure to inform them you need ...

  3. Moodle - Wikipedia

    Moodle's development has also been assisted by the work of open-source programmers. Moodle is a learning platform used to augment and move existing learning environments online. As an E-learning tool, Moodle developed a number of features now considered standard for learning management systems, such as a calendar and a gradebook.

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    Welcome to myTC! Welcome to myTC – a secure online environment that provides personalized information and services that are important to each individual at Texarkana College. By signing into this one Web portal, you are able to access email, Moodle, and much more. In the future, you will see myTC grow and expand with many more features and ...

  5. Virtual exchange - Wikipedia

    Virtual exchange (also referred to as telecollaboration or online intercultural exchange among other names) is an instructional approach or practice for language learning. It broadly refers to the "notion of 'connecting' language learners in pedagogically structured interaction and collaboration" through computer-mediated communication for the purpose of improving their language skills ...

  6. Batna 2 University - Wikipedia

    Website. www .univ-batna2 .dz. The University of Batna 2 ( Mostefa Ben Boulaïd) ( Arabic: جامعة باتنة 2 مصطفى بن بولعيد) is a non-profit Algerian public University located in Fesdis, Wilaya of Batna in Algeria. It was founded in 1977 as University of Batna and then restructured in July 2015 by presidential decree, which ...

  7. History of virtual learning environments - Wikipedia

    History of virtual learning environments. A virtual learning environment (VLE) is a system that creates an environment designed to facilitate teachers' management of educational courses for their students, especially a system using computer hardware and software, which involves distance learning.

  8. Digital Visitor and Resident - Wikipedia

    The Digital Visitor and Resident (V&R) model provides a framework to depict how user preference and habit motivates engagement with technology and the web. V&R is commonly described as a continuum, with two modes of online engagement at either end, making a separation between different approaches to engagement.

  9. Talk:History of virtual learning environments - Wikipedia

    This is a correction regarding one commercial computer assistead learning system. The article on the history of virtual learning environments mentions in the late 90's "The Learning Manager (TLM), from Campus America, Inc." I brought the predecessor of TLM to Laurentian University in 1991.