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  2. Army Knowledge Online - Wikipedia

    Army Knowledge Online ( AKO) was a web application that provided enterprise information services to the United States Army, joint, and Department of Defense customers. AKO was sunset in 2021. [1] The remaining following information is historical in nature. Enterprise services were provided to those customers on both classified and unclassified ...

  3. SIPRNet - Wikipedia

    SIPRNet. The Secret Internet Protocol Router Network ( SIPRNet) is "a system of interconnected computer networks used by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of State to transmit classified information (up to and including information classified SECRET) by packet switching over the 'completely secure' environment". [1]

  4. United States Army Aviation and Missile Command - Wikipedia

    The United States Army Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM) develops, acquires, fields and sustains aviation, missile and unmanned aerial vehicles. AMCOM is primarily responsible for lifecycle management of army missile, helicopter, unmanned ground vehicle and unmanned aerial vehicle weapon system. The central part of AMCOM's mission involves ...

  5. United States Army Aviation and Missile Center - Wikipedia

    The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center (AvMC), [1] formerly known as the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center ( AMRDEC ), a part of the U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM) — now DEVCOM, [2] is primarily a civilian organization tasked ...

  6. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command - Wikipedia

    United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command ( NETCOM) is a US Military unit subordinate to United States Army Cyber Command. NETCOM's mission is to operate and defend the computer networks of the United States Army. The numerical command for NETCOM was 9th Army Signal Command, though this distinction was removed on 1 October 2011.

  7. Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army - Wikipedia

    Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army ( IPPS-A) is a United States Army acquisition program that seeks to integrate human resources and pay for all Army Soldiers. It provides online tools and replaces older Army human resource systems. It also provides talent management capabilities and is essential to the Army's People Strategy.

  8. Common Access Card - Wikipedia

    Common Access Card. A Common Access Card (CAC). The Common Access Card, also commonly referred to as the CAC, is the standard identification for Active Duty United States Defense personnel. The card itself is a smart card about the size of a credit card. [1] Defense personnel that use the CAC include the Selected Reserve and National Guard ...

  9. United States Army - Wikipedia

    Central Security Service. v. t. e. The United States Army ( USA) is the land service branch of the United States Armed Forces. It is one of the eight U.S. uniformed services, and is designated as the Army of the United States in the U.S. Constitution. [14] The Army is the oldest branch of the U.S. military and the most senior in order of ...