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  2. List of most-followed TikTok accounts - Wikipedia

    Before Charli D'Amelio was the most-followed TikTok individual, Loren Gray was the most-followed individual. She was surpassed by Charli D'Amelio on 25 March 2020. She had 41.3 million followers when she was passed and was the first TikTok account to reach 40 million followers.

  3. The Hype House - Wikipedia

    The Hype House is the name of a collective of teenage TikTok personalities based in Los Angeles, California, as well as the name of the mansion where some of the creators formerly lived. It is a collaborative content house, allowing the different influencers and content creators to make videos together easily.

  4. VSCO girl - Wikipedia

    As of August 2019, The New York Times found "more than 422.4 million videos tagged #vscogirl on TikTok, most of them parodies". On August 30, 2019, TikTok added a VSCO girl filter, which included a water bottle decorated with stickers and a side ponytail with scrunchies.

  5. Referral marketing - Wikipedia

    Referral marketing is a word-of-mouth initiative designed by a company to incentivize existing customers to introduce their family, friends and contacts to become new customers.

  6. Kris Kross - Wikipedia

    Kris Kross was an American hip hop duo that consisted of Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly and Chris "Daddy Mac" Smith.. Kris Kross was the youngest hip-hop duo to gain success, with gold and platinum albums, at 12 and 13 years old.

  7. TikTok-famous dog dresses up as Hollywood’s biggest stars. In The Know. Love Hotline hosts Jujubee and Thorgy Thor are helping this caller be the best pet mom she can be. In The Know.

  8. Savannah Bananas - Wikipedia

    The team's TikTok has boasted over 14 million views. Many in-game moments have gone viral across all platforms including outfielder Ty Jackson making a diving catch while mic'd up. [11] John Cena retweeted the team after a player had a 24 person pep band walk them up to the plate playing the John Cena theme song.

  9. Five-year-old girl reportedly already has breasts and her ...

    Dad baffles TikTok with his ability to learn ‘any’ song on the piano i… Read more from Forget the 30yr mortgage if you owe less than $822K (Do this instea…