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  2. List of Thai films - Wikipedia

    King of the White Elephant. Sunh Vasudhara. Renu Kritayakon, Suvat Nilsen. Historical drama. English-language feature, and the oldest complete Thai film in still in existence. 1949. Phanthaay Norasingh ( Oarsman Norasingh) Bhanu Yukol.

  3. Category:Thai films - Wikipedia

    Subcategories. This category has the following 18 subcategories, out of 18 total. Films by Thai directors ‎ (14 C) Thai films by genre ‎ (28 C) Thai films by studio ‎ (8 C)

  4. Hope Frozen - Wikipedia

    Hope Frozen. Hope Frozen is a 2019 Thai documentary film directed and co-written by Pailin Wedel, together with Nina Ijäs, and released by 2050 Productions. It follows a Thai couple who, after their three-year-old daughter dies of brain cancer in 2015, decide to have her body cryogenically preserved. Hope Frozen premiered at the Hot Docs ...

  5. Thailand - Wikipedia

    Thailand, [a] [b] officially the Kingdom of Thailand and historically known as Siam, [c] [d] is a country in Southeast Asia on the Indochinese Peninsula. With a population of almost 70 million, [11] it spans 513,120 square kilometres (198,120 sq mi).

  6. Thai language - Wikipedia

    Thai is the most spoken of over 60 languages of Thailand by both number of native and overall speakers. Over half of its vocabulary is derived from or borrowed from Pali, Sanskrit, Mon [4] and Old Khmer. It is a tonal and analytic language. Thai has a complex orthography and system of relational markers.

  7. Thai cuisine - Wikipedia

    Thai cuisine, as a whole, features many different ingredients (suan phasom; Thai: ส่วนผสม), and ways of preparing food. Thai chef McDang characterises Thai food as having "intricacy, attention to detail, texture, color, and taste. Thai food is known for its enthusiastic use of fresh (rather than dried) herbs and spices.

  8. Thai horror - Wikipedia

    Thai horror refers to horror films produced in the Thai film industry. Thai folklore and beliefs in ghosts have influenced its horror cinema. [3] Horror is among the most popular genres in Thai cinema, and its output has attracted recognition internationally. [4] [5] [6] Pee Mak, a 2013 comedy horror film, is the most commercially successful ...

  9. Sonia Couling - Wikipedia

    Sonia Couling (also spelled Sonia Cooling, Sonya Couling or Sonya Cooling) (Thai: ซอนย่า คูลลิ่ง; June 18, 1974 in Bangkok, Thailand), nickname Pim (Thai: พิม; RTGS: Phim), is a Thai model, actress and television personality.