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  2. - Wikipedia (or just Seznam, which means list in English) is a web portal and search engine in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič in Prague as the first web portal in the Czech Republic. Seznam started with a search engine and an internet version of yellow pages. Today, Seznam runs almost 30 different web services and ...

  3. Television Malta - Wikipedia

    Television Malta (Maltese: Televixin Malta; TVM) is a terrestrial television network in Malta operated by the national broadcaster, Public Broadcasting Services

  4. Radio and Television of Slovakia - Wikipedia

    History. The organization in its current form was created in 2011 following a merger of Slovenská televízia (Slovak Television) with Slovenský rozhlas (Slovak Radio). Funding for the combined organisation is obtained through advertising, government payments, and a monthly fee levied on most individuals registered with electricity retailers and most businesses containing three or more employees.

  5. List of films with longest production time - Wikipedia

    Film Release year Number of years Notes 5-25-77: 2022 18 Shooting began in summer 2004. Numerous versions of the film have been screened over the years, including a rough cut at Star Wars Celebration IV.

  6. Schinderhannes - Wikipedia

    Johannes Bückler (c.1778 – 21 November 1803) was a German outlaw who orchestrated one of the most famous crime sprees in German history. He has been nicknamed Schinderhannes and Schinnerhannes in German and John the Scorcher, John the Flayer and the Robber of the Rhine in English.

  7. Ivan Mládek - Wikipediaádek

    Ivan Mládek (born 7 February 1942) is a Czech recording artist, composer, and comedian who gained success in the mid 1970s.. Born in Prague, He started his career in the mid 1950s, and moved to Paris in 1968, before returning to his homeland in the early 1970s.

  8. List of countries in the Eurovision Song Contest - Wikipedia

    Fifty-two countries have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since it started in 1956. Winners of the contest have come from twenty-seven of those countries. The contest, organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), is held annually between members of the union.

  9. List of animated feature films of 2011 - Wikipedia

    Rank Title Studio Gross 1 Kung Fu Panda 2: Paramount / DreamWorks Animation: $665,692,281 2 Cars 2: Disney / Pixar: $562,110,557 3 Puss in Boots: Paramount / DreamWorks Animation $554,987,477