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  2. Social login - Wikipedia

    Social login is a form of single sign-on using existing information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter or Google, to login to a third party website instead of creating a new login account specifically for that website. It is designed to simplify logins for end users as well as provide more reliable demographic ...

  3. Casualties of the Russo-Ukrainian War - Wikipedia

    A civilian killed in Kyiv following Russian missile strikes on 10 October 2022. By 18 December 2022, OHCHR had recorded 17,595 civilian casualties in Ukraine since February 24, 2022: 6,826 killed and 10,769 injured. This included 9,620 (4,036 killed and 5,584 injured) in Donetsk and Luhansk.

  4. Hamas - Wikipedia

    Hamas (UK: / h ə ˈ m æ s / hə-MASS, US: / h ə ˈ m ɑː s / ⓘ hə-MAHSS; Arabic: حماس, romanized: Ḥamās, IPA:), an acronym of its official name, the Islamic Resistance Movement (حركة المقاومة الإسلامية Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah), is a Palestinian Sunni Islamist political and military organization governing the Gaza Strip of the Israeli-occupied ...

  5. Gmail - Wikipedia

    Gmail is a free email service provided by Google. As of 2019, it had 1.5 billion active users worldwide making it the largest email service in the world. [1] It also provides a webmail interface, accessible through a web browser, and is also accessible through the official mobile application. Google also supports the use of third-party email ...

  6. United States - Wikipedia

    The United States of America ( USA ), commonly known as the United States ( U.S.) or America, is a country primarily located in North America and consisting of 50 states, a federal district, five major unincorporated territories, and nine Minor Outlying Islands. [i] It includes 326 Indian reservations.

  7. List of equipment of the United States Army - Wikipedia

    The M249 SAW, M240, MK 19, and M2 machine guns can be mounted on vehicles. BGM-71 TOW mounted on humvee and jltv variants, as well as M2 and M3 bradly. The M134 Minigun, fires 7.62mm ammunition at 3,000 to 4,000 rpm. The M3P Machine Gun, an M2 variant with a higher rate of fire mounted on the Avenger Humvee.

  8. Family of Joe Biden - Wikipedia

    Joe Biden is the oldest of four siblings in a Catholic family, followed by his younger sister Valerie Biden Owens (born 1945), and two younger brothers, James Brian "Jim" Biden (born 1949) and Francis William "Frank" Biden (born 1953). [2] : 9 [55] Valerie was one of the campaign managers for Joe Biden's presidential campaigns.

  9. Transmission Control Protocol - Wikipedia

    The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the main protocols of the Internet protocol suite. It originated in the initial network implementation in which it complemented the Internet Protocol (IP). Therefore, the entire suite is commonly referred to as TCP/IP.