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  2. Target - Wikipedia

    Physical items. Shooting target, used in marksmanship training and various shooting sports . Bullseye (target), the goal one for which one aims in many of these sports Aiming point, in field artillery, fixed at a specific target

  3. Target Number One - Wikipedia

    Target Number One (released as Most Wanted in the United States, Suspect numéro un in Québec) is a 2020 Canadian crime drama film directed by Daniel Roby. Based on the true story of Alain Olivier, a Canadian drug addict from Quebec who spent eight years in prison in Thailand in the 1980s after having been set up as an unwitting pawn in an espionage plot by the Canadian Security Intelligence ...

  4. City Link (company) - Wikipedia

    Target was officially acquired, and taken over by Initial City Link on 1 March 2007. As a part of its merger with Target Express, City Link was planning to close 42 of the 110 combined branches in the first half of 2008, to provide a single integrated network.

  5. Nicky Katt - Wikipedia

    Nicholas Katt (born May 11, 1970) is an American actor known for his role as unorthodox teacher Harry Senate on David E. Kelley's Fox drama series Boston Public.Katt's film roles include Clint Bruno in Dazed and Confused (1993), Billy Ray Cobb in A Time to Kill (1996), Tim in SubUrbia (1996), Stacy the hitman in The Limey (1999), Greg Weinstein in Boiler Room (2000), Adolf Hitler in Full ...

  6. Praline - Wikipedia

    Praline (US: / ˈ p r eɪ l iː n /; New Orleans, Cajun, and UK: / ˈ p r ɑː l iː n /) is a form of confection containing, at a minimum, culinary nuts – usually almonds, pecans and hazelnuts – and sugar.

  7. French Louisiana - Wikipedia

    Colonial French Louisiana. Colonial French Louisiana was a part of New France.Beginning in 1682 this region, known in French as la Louisiane française, functioned as an administrative district of New France.

  8. GTx1-15 - Wikipedia

    Target and Mode of Action. GTx1-15 targets low-voltage activated cation channels. It specifically inhibits: T-type calcium channel Ca v 3.1; Sodium channels Na v 1.

  9. High Standard .22 Pistol - Wikipedia

    High Standard target pistols were manufactured in a variety of models in .22 Short and .22 Long Rifle chamberings for use in competition. One selling point was the similarity in grip angle and manual safety location to the M1911A1 series, a pistol common in service pistol competition.