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  2. Target - Wikipedia

    Physical items. Shooting target, used in marksmanship training and various shooting sports . Bullseye (target), the goal one for which one aims in many of these sports Aiming point, in field artillery, fixed at a specific target

  3. Target Australia - Wikipedia

    Target Australia, formerly Lindsay's and later Lindsay's Target, is a mid-price department store chain owned by the Kmart Group, part of Australian retail conglomerate Wesfarmers. Target stocks clothing, cosmetics, homewares, electronics and books, selling both in-store and online.

  4. Bullseye (target) - Wikipedia

    The "gold" is the yellow circle at the centre of this archery target. The bullseye or bull's eye has, since 1833, [1] been the name for the center of a target and, by extension, since 1857, [1] has been given to any throw, toss, or shot that hits the center.

  5. NRA Precision Pistol - Wikipedia

    NRA Precision Pistol, formerly known as NRA Conventional Pistol, is a national bullseye shooting discipline organized in the United States by NRA.Emphasis is on accuracy and precision, and participants shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits.

  6. Target price - Wikipedia

    Target price may mean: . A stock valuation at which a trader is willing to buy or sell a stock; Target pricing – the price at which a seller projects that a buyer will buy a product

  7. Simon Target - Wikipedia

    Simon Target (/ ˈ t ɑːr ʒ eɪ /; born 22 January 1962) is a British-Australian filmmaker. He is best known for a series of television documentaries he made for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which include King's School (on The King's School, Sydney), Flight for Life (about the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia), The Academy (on the Australian Defence Force Academy), and ...

  8. Target operating model - Wikipedia

    Target operating model is a description of the desired state of the operating model of an organisation. When working on the operating model, it is normal to define the "as is" model and the "to be" model.

  9. Intelligence cycle (target-centric approach) - Wikipedia

    A target-centric model, by its very nature, is a network process that, in its ideal form, is more time-consuming than the traditional cycle. If analysts back-track to collaborate with collectors and respond to multiple questions from decision makers, the finished product will likely take a longer amount of time to reach the decision maker.