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  2. Labor Code of the Philippines - Wikipedia

    An employer is required to provide each of his employees a rest period of not less than twenty-four consecutive hours after every six consecutive normal work days, as stated in Article 91 of the Philippine Labor Code. The employer shall determine and schedule the weekly rest day of his employees.

  3. Wikipedia:FAQ/Organizations - Wikipedia

    The fact that anyone can edit Wikipedia means that it attracts public-relations professionals, as well as employees and supporters of a variety of organizations – from businesses to government agencies, the military and non-profits – who may decide to edit pages about their organizations.

  4. The Doughnut - Wikipedia

    The Doughnut houses 5,500 employees; GCHQ is the largest single employer in Gloucestershire. [5] [6] [7] Built to modernise and consolidate GCHQ's multiple buildings in Cheltenham, the Doughnut was completed in 2003, with GCHQ staff moving in the same year, [1] and fully moved into the building in 2004. [8]

  5. Economy of the United States Virgin Islands - Wikipedia

    Analysts reviewing the economy often point to the closure of the Hovensa oil refinery which had been the islands’ largest private sector employer. This certainly did affect the local economy, leaving 2,200 people jobless. In the final year of full refinery operations, the value of exported petroleum products was $12.7 billion.

  6. National identification number - Wikipedia

    The form is YYXXDD/SSSC, where XX=MM (month of birth) for male (numbers 01–12) and XX=MM+50 for female (numbers 51–62), SSS is a serial number separating persons born on the same date and C is a check digit, but for people born before 1 January 1954 the form is without the check digit - YYXXDD/SSS.

  7. Economy of Jamaica - Wikipedia

    The garment industry is a major job employer for thousands of hundreds of locals and they formed 12.9% of exports in 1999 earning US$159 million. Chemicals formed 3.3% of the exports in 1999 earning US$40 million. A portion of the bauxite mined on the island is processed into alumina before export.

  8. List of Red Dwarf episodes - Wikipedia

    No. overall No. in series Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod. code; 1: 1 "The End" Ed Bye: Rob Grant and Doug Naylor: 15 February 1988 (): 1: In the 23rd century, slobbish technician Dave Lister, a crew member of the Jupiter Mining Corporation vessel Red Dwarf, is placed into suspended animation for eighteen months as punishment for smuggling aboard an unquarantined pregnant cat.