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  2. SquirrelMail - Wikipedia

    The SquirrelMail IMAP proxy server product was created in 2002 by Dave McMurtrie while at the University of Pittsburgh (where it was named "up-imapproxy", although it has become more commonly known as "imapproxy") and adopted by the SquirrelMail team in 2010. [7] It is written in C and is primarily made to provide stateful connections for ...

  3. SIGAINT - Wikipedia

    SIGAINT was a Tor hidden service offering secure email services. According to its FAQ page, its web interface used SquirrelMail which does not rely on JavaScript. Passwords couldn't be recovered. Users received two addresses per inbox: one at for receiving clearnet emails and the other at its .onion address only for receiving emails ...

  4. Talk:SquirrelMail - Wikipedia

    Squirrelmail is a distinct email provider and therefore is notable. Being a good provider makes it notable. If Squirrelmail were a problematic provider it would still be notable. If Squirrelmail is about the same as a dozen other email providers then it is still notable because it a separate entity with a unique name. Yes. Squirrelmail is notable.

  5. Spike (application) - Wikipedia

    History [ edit] Founded in 2013 [2] by Erez Pilosof and Dvir Ben-Aroya, [3] Spike is a software application that puts existing e-mails into a multimedia messaging, chat-like interface enhanced with video and voice calls. The application was initially named Hop. [4]

  6. Claws Mail - Wikipedia

    Claws Mail is a free and open-source, C / GTK -based e-mail client, which is both lightweight and highly configurable. [2] [3] Claws Mail runs on both Windows [4] and Unix-like systems such as Linux, BSD, and Solaris. It stores mail in the MH mailbox format. Plugins allow to read HTML mail, but there is none to compose HTML messages.

  7. Roundcube - Wikipedia

    Roundcube Webmail is designed to run on standard web servers such as Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, Lighttpd, Hiawatha or Cherokee in conjunction with a relational database engine. Supported databases are MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. The user interface is rendered in XHTML and CSS and is fully customizable with skins.

  8. getmail - Wikipedia

    getmail is a simple mail retrieval agent intended as a replacement for fetchmail, implemented in Python. [5] It can retrieve mail from POP3, [3] IMAP4, [5] and Standard Dial-up POP3 Service servers, with or without SSL. It supports simple and domain (multidrop) mailboxes, mail filtering via any arbitrary program, and supports a wide variety of ...

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