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  2. Chuck Yeager - Wikipedia

    Chuck Yeager. Brigadier General Charles Elwood Yeager ( / ˈjeɪɡər / YAY-gər, February 13, 1923 – December 7, 2020) was a United States Air Force officer, flying ace, and record-setting test pilot who in 1947 became the first pilot in history confirmed to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight. Yeager was raised in Hamlin, West ...

  3. Sally Hemings - Wikipedia

    At the age of 14, each of the children began their training: the brothers with the plantation's skilled master of carpentry, and Harriet as a spinner and weaver. The three boys all learned to play the violin, which Jefferson himself played. In 1822, at the age of 24, Beverley "ran away" from Monticello and was not pursued.

  4. John Green - Wikipedia

    John Michael Green[2](born August 24, 1977) is an American author, YouTubecontent creator, and podcaster. He won the 2006 Printz Awardfor his debut novel, Looking for Alaska,[3]and has had several of his subsequent books debut at number one on The New York TimesBest Seller list, including his most popular novel, The Fault in Our Stars.[4]

  5. Solomon Northup - Wikipedia

    Solomon Northup(born July 10, c.1807 or 1808) was an American abolitionistand the primary author of the memoir Twelve Years a Slave. A free-born African Americanfrom New York, he was the son of a freed slave and a free woman of color. A farmer and a professional violinist, Northup had been a landowner in Washington County, New York.

  6. The BFG - Wikipedia

    The BFG (short for The Big Friendly Giant) is a 1982 children's book written by British novelist Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake. It is an expansion of a short story from Dahl's 1975 book Danny, the Champion of the World. The book is dedicated to Dahl's late daughter, Olivia, who died of measles encephalitis at the age of seven in 1962.

  7. Seanan McGuire bibliography - Wikipedia

    One Salt Sea (September 6, 2011) Ashes of Honor (September 4, 2012) Chimes at Midnight (September 3, 2013) The Winter Long (September 2, 2014) A Red Rose Chain (September 1, 2015) Once Broken Faith (September 6, 2016) The Brightest Fell (September 5, 2017) Night and Silence (September 4, 2018) The Unkindest Tide (September 3, 2019)

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    related to: space education for kids book series ages 7 9 catchers