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  2. List of children's classic books - Wikipedia's_classic...

    This is a list of children's classic books published no later than 2008 and still available in the English language.. Books specifically for children existed by the 17th century. Before that, books were written mainly for adults – although some later became popular with children. In Europe, Gutenberg's invention of the printing press around 1440 made possi

  3. Raëlism - Wikipediaëlism

    Raëlism, [a] also known as Raëlianism, is a UFO religion that was founded in 1970s France by Claude Vorilhon, now known as Raël. [b] Scholars of religion classify Raëlism as a new religious movement. The group is formalised as the International Raëlian Movement ( IRM) or Raëlian Church, a hierarchical organisation under Raël's leadership.

  4. Team Umizoomi - Wikipedia

    April 24, 2015. ( 2015-04-24) Team Umizoomi is an American live-action and computer-animated musical children's television series with an emphasis on mathematical concepts, such as counting, sequences, shapes, patterns, measurements, and equalities. Neither imperial nor metric units are used in the show, meaning it can be shown in any location ...

  5. Ronald McNair - Wikipedia

    Ronald Erwin McNair (October 21, 1950 – January 28, 1986) was an American NASA astronaut and physicist. He died during the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger on mission STS-51-L, in which he was serving as one of three mission specialists in a crew of seven.

  6. Tom Swift - Wikipedia

    The longest-running series of books to feature Tom Swift is the first, which consists of forty volumes. Tom's son (Tom Swift Jr.) was also the name of the protagonist of the 33 volumes of the Tom Swift Jr. Adventures, the 11 volumes of the third Tom Swift series, the 13 volumes of the fourth, and a half-dozen more for the most recent series, Tom Swift, Young Inventor, for a total of 103 ...

  7. The Dark Is Rising Sequence - Wikipedia

    0-14-031688-4 [1] OCLC. 50597816. The Dark Is Rising Sequence is a series of five contemporary fantasy novels for older children and young adults that were written by the British author Susan Cooper and published from 1965 to 1977. The first book in the series, Over Sea, Under Stone, was originally conceived as a stand-alone novel, [2] and the ...

  8. Pinkalicious & Peterrific - Wikipedia

    Original release. February 19, 2018. ( 2018-02-19) –. present. Pinkalicious & Peterrific is an educational animated children's television series based on the Pinkalicious book series by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann. The series premiered on PBS Kids on February 19, 2018. [1] WGBH Kids and Sixteen South produced 38 episodes for the first season.

  9. How and Why Wonder Books - Wikipedia

    How and Why Wonder Books were a series of illustrated American books published in the 1960s and 1970s that was designed to teach science and history to children and young teenagers. The series began in 1960, and was edited under the supervision of Dr. Paul E. Blackwood of the Office of Education at the U.S. Department of Health, Education and ...

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    related to: space education for kids book series ages 7 9 12 pictures and coloring pages