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  2. List of books considered the worst - Wikipedia

    The Virginians has both been described as William Makepeace Thackeray ’s worst major novel and supposedly called “the worst novel anyone ever wrote.“. The Social War has been described as the worst science fiction novel of the 19th century. O novo guia da conversação em portuguez e inglez (Pedro Carolino, 1855), Portuguese – English ...

  3. Software - Wikipedia

    Software is a collection of instructions that tell a computer how to work. This is in contrast to hardware, from which the system is built and which actually performs the work. At the lowest programming level, executable code consists of machine language instructions supported by an individual processor —typically a central processing unit ...

  4. Association football - Wikipedia

    Paralympic. 5-a-side since 2004 and 7-a-side from 1984 to 2016. Association football, more commonly known as simply football or soccer, is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of 11 players. It is played by approximately 250 million players in over 200 countries and dependencies, making it the world's most popular sport.

  5. Legality of child pornography - Wikipedia

    Child pornography is illegal in most countries, but there is substantial variation in definitions, categories, penalties, and interpretations of laws. Differences include the definition of "child" under the laws, which can vary with the age of sexual consent; the definition of "child pornography" itself, for example on the basis of medium or degree of reality; and which actions are criminal (e ...

  6. Philo Farnsworth - Wikipedia

    Philo Taylor Farnsworth (August 19, 1906 – March 11, 1971) was an American inventor and television pioneer. He made many crucial contributions to the early development of all-electronic television. He is best known for his 1927 invention of the first fully functional all-electronic image pickup device ( video camera tube ), the image ...

  7. Kia Forum - Wikipedia

    Kia Forum (formerly The Forum) is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Inglewood, California, United States, adjacent to Los Angeles. Located between West Manchester Boulevard, across Pincay Drive and Kareem Court, it is north of SoFi Stadium and the Hollywood Park Casino, about 3 miles (4.8 km) east of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

  8. The Giver - Wikipedia

    The Giver First edition (1993) Author Lois Lowry Cover artist Cliff Nielsen Country United States Language English Series The Giver Quartet Genre Young adult fiction, Dystopian novel, Science fiction Publisher Houghton Mifflin Publication date 1993 ISBN 0-553-57133-8 (hardback and paperback edition) LC Class PS 3562 O923 G58 1993 Followed by Gathering Blue The Giver is a 1993 American young ...

  9. Military–industrial complex - Wikipedia–industrial_complex

    The expression military–industrial complex ( MIC) describes the relationship between a country's military and the defense industry that supplies it, seen together as a vested interest which influences public policy. A driving factor behind the relationship between the military and the defense-minded corporations is that both sides benefit ...

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    related to: space education for kids book club questions for s never fall