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  2. Jean Childs Young - Wikipedia

    Jean Childs Young (July 1, 1933 – September 16, 1994) was an educator and advocate for equal access to education in the United States. Young also dedicated much of her life to involvement in children's rights, and served as the American chairwoman of the United Nation's International Year of the Child in 1979.

  3. Kankaria Lake - Wikipedia

    Kankaria Lake is the second largest lake in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.It is located in the south-eastern part of the city, in the Maninagar area. It was completed in 1451 during the reign of Sultan Qutb-ud-Din Ahmad Shah II though its origin is placed in the Chaulukya period sometimes.

  4. Learning centers in American elementary schools - Wikipedia

    Use bulletin boards, shelf backs, cardboard boxes or room dividers as a place to show children what others have done in the center. Set up a works-in-progress shelf. Sometimes children don't have enough time to complete a project in a center. Create a "safe place" where children can store ongoing projects. Create a take-home box.

  5. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis - Wikipedia

    Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is the most common, chronic rheumatic disease of childhood, affecting approximately one per 1,000 children. Juvenile, in this context, refers to disease onset before 16 years of age, while idiopathic refers to a condition with no defined cause, and arthritis is inflammation within the joint.

  6. Rancho San Antonio County Park - Wikipedia

    The 29 miles (47 km) of hiking trails in Rancho San Antonio are very popular with walkers, hikers, and joggers. Full parking lots are the norm on weekend mornings. Most of the County Park is between 400 and 500 feet of elevation, so most trails in the park are on level ground. Walkers of all ages use most of these trails.

  7. Social learning (social pedagogy) - Wikipedia

    Social learning is defined as learning through the observation of other people's behaviors. It is a process of social change in which people learn from each other in ways that can benefit wider social-ecological systems. Different social contexts allow individuals to pick up new behaviors by observing what people are doing within that ...

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    related to: space education for kids activities at home easy to read