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  2. Sort code - Wikipedia

    Sort codes are the domestic bank codes used to route money transfers between financial institutions in the United Kingdom, and in the Republic of Ireland. They are six-digit hierarchical numerical addresses that specify clearing banks, clearing systems, regions, large financial institutions, groups of financial institutions and ultimately resolve to individual branches.

  3. Heapsort - Wikipedia

    In computer science, heapsort is a comparison-based sorting algorithm.Heapsort can be thought of as an improved selection sort: like selection sort, heapsort divides its input into a sorted and an unsorted region, and it iteratively shrinks the unsorted region by extracting the largest element from it and inserting it into the sorted region.

  4. Topological sorting - Wikipedia

    Examples. The canonical application of topological sorting is in scheduling a sequence of jobs or tasks based on their dependencies.The jobs are represented by vertices, and there is an edge from x to y if job x must be completed before job y can be started (for example, when washing clothes, the washing machine must finish before we put the clothes in the dryer).

  5. Blanket party - Wikipedia

    A blanket party (also known as locksocking) is a form of corporal punishment, hazing or retaliation conducted within a peer group, most frequently within the military or military academies.

  6. Code signing - Wikipedia

    Code signing is the process of digitally signing executables and scripts to confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed. The process employs the use of a cryptographic hash to validate authenticity and integrity.

  7. Genetic code - Wikipedia

    The code emerges at a transition when the mapping of codons to amino acids becomes nonrandom. The code's emergence is governed by the topology defined by the probable errors and is related to the map coloring problem. Game theory: Models based on signaling games combine elements of game theory, natural selection and information channels. Such ...

  8. Motion Picture Production Code - Wikipedia

    On February 19, 1930, Variety published the entire content of the Code, and predicted that state film censorship boards would soon become obsolete; however, the men obliged to enforce the code—Jason Joy (head of the Committee until 1932) and his successor, Dr. James Wingate—were generally unenthusiastic and/or ineffective.

  9. 2002 United States steel tariff - Wikipedia

    The tariff. The temporary tariffs of 8–30% were originally scheduled to remain in effect until 2005. They were imposed to give U.S. steel makers protection from what a U.S. probe determined was a detrimental surge in steel imports.