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  2. Berkeley Software Distribution - Wikipedia

    Other universities became interested in the software at Berkeley, and so in 1977 Joy started compiling the first Berkeley Software Distribution (1BSD), which was released on March 9, 1978. 1BSD was an add-on to Version 6 Unix rather than a complete operating system in its own right. Some thirty copies were sent out.

  3. YouTube Vanced - Wikipedia

    YouTube Vanced (or simply Vanced) is a discontinued, modified third-party YouTube application for Android with a built-in ad blocker. [1] [2] Other features of the app include SponsorBlock , background play, free picture-in-picture (PiP), an AMOLED black theme , swipe control for brightness and volume, and the ability to restore dislike counts ...

  4. Software development process - Wikipedia

    Software process and software quality are closely interrelated; some unexpected facets and effects have been observed in practice . Among these, another software development process has been established in open source. The adoption of these best practices known and established processes within the confines of a company is called inner source.

  5. youtube-dl - Wikipedia

    youtube-dl is a free and open source download manager for video and audio from YouTube and over 1,000 other video hosting websites. It is released under the Unlicense software license. As of September 2021, youtube-dl is one of the most starred projects on GitHub, with over 100,000 stars.

  6. OBS Studio - Wikipedia

    OBS Studio (formerly Open Broadcaster Software or OBS, for short) is a free, open-source, and cross-platform screencasting and streaming app. It is available for Windows , macOS , Linux distributions , [a] and BSD .

  7. Third party - Wikipedia

    Business. Third-party source, a supplier company not owned by the buyer or seller; Third-party beneficiary, a person who could sue on a contract, despite not being an active party

  8. Agile software development - Wikipedia

    In software development, agile (sometimes written Agile) practices include requirements discovery and solutions improvement through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams with their customer(s)/end user(s), adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continual improvement, and flexible responses to changes in requirements, capacity, and ...

  9. Kaspersky Lab - Wikipedia

    Kaspersky Lab develops and markets antivirus, internet security, password management, endpoint security, and other cybersecurity products and services. It is the fourth or fifth largest endpoint security vendor and the third largest consumer IT security software company.