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  2. PC Tools (software) - Wikipedia

    History of development. The original PC Tools package was first developed as a suite of utilities for DOS, released for retail in 1985 for $39.95.. With the introduction of version 4.0, the name was changed to PC Tools Deluxe, and the primary interface became a colorful graphical shell (previously the shell resembled PC BOSS and was monochrome.)

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  4. Software - Wikipedia

    Platform software often comes bundled with the computer. On a PC one will usually have the ability to change the platform software. Application software: Application software is what most people think of when they think of software. [citation needed] Typical examples include office suites and video games. Application software is often purchased ...

  5. PC game - Wikipedia

    PC games often support more players or NPCs than equivalents on other platforms and game designs which depend on the simulation of large numbers of tokens (e.g. Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft) are rarely seen anywhere else. [citation needed] The PC also supports greater input fidelity thanks to its compatibility with a wide array of peripherals.

  6. Zune software - Wikipedia

    The Zune software also allows one to organize song metadata. It can automatically download album art and metadata tag data for content in the library. On the PC, the Zune software streams files to other PCs, the Xbox 360, and other compatible devices. The Zune software also connects with the Zune social and keeps track of files swapped with ...

  7. PC-Lint - Wikipedia

    PC-lint is a commercial software linting tool produced by Gimpel Software (formerly Gimp Suit Software Ltd.) for the C/C++ languages.. PC-lint is a command-line tool for performing static code analysis, indicating suspicious or plain wrong issues in source code.

  8. History of software - Wikipedia

    Microsoft, by successfully negotiating with IBM to develop the first operating system for the PC , profited enormously from the PC's success over the following decades, via the success of MS-DOS and its add-on-cum-successor, Microsoft Windows. Winning the negotiation was a pivotal moment in Microsoft's history.

  9. Gearbox Software - Wikipedia

    Gearbox Software was founded on February 16, 1999, by Randy Pitchford, Brian Martel, Stephen Bahl, Landon Montgomery and Rob Heironimus, five developers formerly of Rebel Boat Rocker. Before Rebel Boat Rocker, Pitchford and Martel previously worked together at 3D Realms, and Montgomery previously worked at Bethesda Softworks. By 2000, the ...