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  3. Software - Wikipedia

    Platform software often comes bundled with the computer. On a PC one will usually have the ability to change the platform software. Application software: Application software is what most people think of when they think of software. [citation needed] Typical examples include office suites and video games. Application software is often purchased ...

  4. Gearbox Software - Wikipedia

    Gearbox Software was founded on February 16, 1999, by Randy Pitchford, Brian Martel, Stephen Bahl, Landon Montgomery and Rob Heironimus, five developers formerly of Rebel Boat Rocker. Before Rebel Boat Rocker, Pitchford and Martel previously worked together at 3D Realms, and Montgomery previously worked at Bethesda Softworks. By 2000, the ...

  5. History of software - Wikipedia

    Microsoft, by successfully negotiating with IBM to develop the first operating system for the PC , profited enormously from the PC's success over the following decades, via the success of MS-DOS and its add-on-cum-successor, Microsoft Windows. Winning the negotiation was a pivotal moment in Microsoft's history.

  6. CCleaner - Wikipedia

    In January 2014 it had been the most popular software on FileHippo for more than a year, and had a 5-star editor's rating on and Softpedia. CCleaner has been reviewed by , [21] TechRadar , [22] PC Magazine [23] and TechRepublic .

  7. Rogue security software - Wikipedia

    Rogue security software is a form of malicious software and internet fraud that misleads users into believing there is a virus on their computer and aims to convince them to pay for a fake malware removal tool that actually installs malware on their computer.

  8. Software bug - Wikipedia

    The Middle English word bugge is the basis for the terms "bugbear" and "bugaboo" as terms used for a monster.. The term "bug" to describe defects has been a part of engineering jargon since the 1870s and predates electronics and computers; it may have originally been used in hardware engineering to describe mechanical malfunctions.

  9. PC-9800 series - Wikipedia

    The DOS/V operating system enabled IBM clones to display Japanese text by using a software font only, giving a chance for global PC manufacturers to enter the Japanese PC market. The PC-98 is a non-IBM compatible x86-based computer, thus it can run a localized version of MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. However, spreading Windows, software ...