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  2. Shawnigan Lake School - Wikipedia

    Shawnigan Lake School is a co-educational independent boarding school located on Vancouver Island in Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, Canada. It was founded by Englishman Christopher Windley "C. W." Lonsdale in 1916, and was partly modelled after the Westminster School in England.

  3. Learning space - Wikipedia

    Learning space or learning setting refers to a physical setting for a learning environment, a place in which teaching and learning occur. The term is commonly used as a more definitive alternative to " classroom ," but it may also refer to an indoor or outdoor location, either actual or virtual.

  4. NASA - Wikipedia

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA; /ˈnæsə/) is an independent agencyof the U.S. federal governmentresponsible for the civilian space program, as well as aeronauticsand spaceresearch. [note 1] NASA was established in 1958, succeeding the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics(NACA).

  5. STS-135 - Wikipedia

    STS-135 ( ISS assembly flight ULF7) was the 135th and final mission of the American Space Shuttle program. It used the orbiter Atlantis and hardware originally processed for the STS-335 contingency mission, which was not flown. STS-135 launched on 8 July 2011, and landed on 21 July 2011, following a one-day mission extension.

  6. Learning - Wikipedia

    Associative learning is the process by which a person or animal learns an association between two stimuli or events. In classical conditioning, a previously neutral stimulus is repeatedly paired with a reflex-eliciting stimulus until eventually the neutral stimulus elicits a response on its own.

  7. American Sign Language - Wikipedia

    American Sign Language(ASL) is a natural language[4]that serves as the predominant sign languageof Deaf communitiesin the United States and most of Anglophone Canada. ASL is a complete and organized visual language that is expressed by facial expression as well as movements and motions with the hands.[5]

  8. R. D. Laing - Wikipedia

    Ronald David Laing (7 October 1927 – 23 August 1989), usually cited as R. D. Laing, was a Scottish psychiatrist who wrote extensively on mental illness – in particular, the experience of psychosis.

  9. Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium - Wikipedia

    Mark Breen (1981–) The Fairbanks Museum & Planetariumis a combination natural sciencemuseum, history museum, and planetariumlocated in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. It was founded in 1890 by businessman, politician, naturalist, and collector Franklin Fairbanks. The museum and its buildings are on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

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    related to: sls login student learning space