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  2. How to calculate interest on a car loan - AOL

    Most lenders use simple interest for auto loans. Interest is calculated based on the amount you owe — the principal — each month. As you pay down your loan, you will spend less on interest and ...

  3. How to calculate loan payments and costs - AOL

    For the figures above, the loan payment formula would look like: 0.06 divided by 12 = 0.005. 0.005 x $20,000 = $100. In this example, you’d pay $100 in interest in the first month. As you ...

  4. How to calculate interest on a loan: Tools to make it easy

    Formula for calculating simple interest. You can calculate your total interest by using this formula: Principal loan amount x interest rate x loan term = interest. For example, if you take out a ...

  5. Amortization calculator - Wikipedia

    Amortization calculator. An amortization calculator is used to determine the periodic payment amount due on a loan (typically a mortgage ), based on the amortization process. The amortization repayment model factors varying amounts of both interest and principal into every installment, though the total amount of each payment is the same.


  7. Rule of 78s - Wikipedia

    The denominator of a Rule of 78s loan is the sum of the integers between 1 and n, inclusive, where n is the number of payments. For a twelve-month loan, the sum of numbers from 1 to 12 is 78 (1 + 2 + 3 + . . . +12 = 78). For a 24-month loan, the denominator is 300. The sum of the numbers from 1 to n is given by the equation n * (n+1) / 2.

  8. Is a Simple Interest Auto Loan a Good Way To Save Money?

    What’s great about simple-interest auto loans is that you can save money with this loan structure when you’re buying a vehicle. Check Out: 401(k) Growth Potential: Ways to Double Your Savings ...

  9. Calculator - Wikipedia

    Calculator. An electronic pocket calculator with a seven-segment liquid-crystal display (LCD) that can perform arithmetic operations. A modern scientific calculator with an LCD. An electronic calculator is typically a portable electronic device used to perform calculations, ranging from basic arithmetic to complex mathematics .

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    related to: simple auto loan calculator