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    Seznam had more than 6 million real users per month at the end of 2014. Among the most popular services, according to NetMonitor, are its homepage,, and its yellow pages [citation needed] In 2008, was the most used search engine in the Czech Republic.

  3. Email box - Wikipedia

    A mailbox (also electronic mailbox, email box, email mailbox, e-mailbox) is the destination to which electronic mail messages are delivered.

  4. List of technology terms - Wikipedia

    This is an alphabetical list of notable technology terms. These terms includes that use in Internet, computer and other devices.

  5. Fax modem - Wikipedia

    Largely replaced by email, PC-based faxing with a fax/modem declined at the turn of the century. Where faxing from a PC is required there are a number of Internet-based faxing alternatives. Where businesses still had one or more traditional fax machines churning out pages, they were usually outnumbered by PCs processing E-mail.

  6. List of Tor onion services - Wikipedia

    Email providers. (defunct) ProtonMail; Riseup; SIGAINT (defunct) Tor Mail (defunct) File storage. Free Haven Project – A distributed anonymous file storage system that places focus on persistent availability of data. The MIT students' work on the project led to collaboration with DARPA to develop Tor.

  7. List of Coronation Street characters (1996) - Wikipedia

    Gail visits them in June 2008. In 2015, he fires Sarah over the phone when she fails to email him an urgent report. In 2022, it was reported that Stephen would return as part of a "long term" story. Boyce reprised his role in the episode broadcast on 24 June 2022.

  8. List of Cisco products - Wikipedia

    Corporate market "Corporate market" refers to enterprise networking and service providers. Enterprise networks Products in this category are Cisco's range of routers, switches, wireless systems, security systems, WAN acceleration hardware, energy and building management systems and media aware network equipment.

  9. List of cyberattacks - Wikipedia

    A cyberattack is any type of offensive maneuver employed by individuals or whole organizations that targets computer information systems, infrastructures, computer networks, and/or personal computer devices by various means of malicious acts usually originating from an anonymous source that either steals, alters, or destroys a specified target by hacking into a susceptible system.