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  2. Web colors - Wikipedia

    Web colors are colors used in displaying web pages on the World Wide Web, and the methods for describing and specifying those colors. Colors may be specified as an RGB triplet or in hexadecimal format (a hex triplet) or according to their common English names in some cases. A color tool or other graphics software is often used to generate color ...

  3. Kraft Foods Inc. - Wikipedia

    Kraft Foods Inc. was a multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate. It marketed many brands in more than 170 countries. 12 of its brands annually earned more than $1 billion worldwide: Cadbury, Jacobs, Kraft, LU, Maxwell House, Milka, Nabisco, Oreo, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, Trident, and Tang.

  4. Help:Using colours - Wikipedia

    The method used for selecting the colours for various top-level pages, e.g. Main Page, Community Portal, Contents, and Help:Contents. The 3 colours are generated using the HSV colour space, then translated into RGB. Note: for layouts with no spacing between borders, use the darker border colour.

  5. Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail - AOL Help

    Get 24x7 live expert help with all of your AOL needs—from email and passwords, technical questions, mobile email and more. Upgrade your account by calling 1-800-358-4860. Help Main AOL Mail for Verizon Customers Fix problems reading or receiving AOL Mail.

  6. List of Crayola crayon colors - Wikipedia

    The eight Heads 'n Tails Crayons are double-sided and encased in plastic tubes that function much like the ones on Crayola Twistables. Each crayon has two shades of color, for a total of 16 colors, which are approximated by the background colors and hex RGB values below. [30] Sizzling Red. Red Salsa. Tart Orange.

  7. DoorDash data breach leaves important customer details exposed

    August 28, 2022, 5:29 PM. Doordash Inc. application is displayed in the App Store on a smartphone. Food delivery giant DoorDash has confirmed a data breach that has left customers' personal ...

  8. Coca-Cola's newest flavor 'Dreamworld' supposedly tastes like ...

    August 11, 2022, 1:35 PM. Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is concluding a yearlong effort to flavor the abstract with a new soda the company says tastes like dreams. On Wednesday, Coca-Cola announced its new ...