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  2. Gateway Ultra Slim 15.6 review: The best cheap laptop of 2022

    (Photo: Gateway) Price mistake? That was my first impression of the new Gateway Ultra Slim 15.6, a $229 laptop that looks like it should cost 2-3 times more. Available in three stylish colors (red,...

  3. Schlumberger (SLB), Aramco to Develop Low-Carbon Solutions

    The platform will enable industrial companies such as oil and gas, chemicals, utilities, cement, and steel to collect, measure, report and validate their emissions. It will also enable them to...

  4. Comparison of open-source configuration management software

    Rex is a remote execution system with integrated configuration management and software deployment capabilities. The admin provides configuration instructions via so-called Rexfiles. They are written in a small DSL but can also contain arbitrary Perl. It integrates well with an automated build system used in CI environments. Salt

  5. Mobile secure gateway - Wikipedia

    Gateway is a server or daemon typically installed onto physical or virtual appliance placed into DMZ . The Gateway's public interface is exposed to the Internet (or other untrusted network) and accepts TCP/IP connections from mobile applications. It operates on IPv4 and/or IPv6 networks.

  6. 10 biggest problems facing Social Security -

    As the baby boom has pushed a significant increase of beneficiaries into the system, the worker-to-beneficiary ratio is falling. In just a few years, this ratio has fallen from 2.8 workers per...

  7. Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway - Wikipedia

    Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway ( UAG) is a discontinued software suite that provides secure remote access to corporate networks for remote employees and business partners. Its services include reverse proxy, virtual private network (VPN), DirectAccess and Remote Desktop Services. UAG was released in 2010, and is the successor for ...

  8. Security-focused operating system - Wikipedia

    Trusted Solaris was a security-focused version of the Solaris Unix operating system. Aimed primarily at the government computing sector, Trusted Solaris adds detailed auditing of all tasks, pluggable authentication, mandatory access control, additional physical authentication devices, and fine-grained access control.

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    related to: secure gateway slb configuration software reviews 2017 problems images of free