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  2. New Twitch appeals portal lets users monitor and object to ...

    The new appeals hub allows users to view enforcement actions eligible for appeal starting today at The company notes that those decisions will now be accompanied by more detail ...

  3. Internet Connection Sharing - Wikipedia

    The computer that shares its Internet connection serves as a gateway device, meaning that all traffic between other computers and the Internet go through this computer. ICS provides Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and network address translation (NAT) services for the LAN computers.

  4. Wideband Global SATCOM - Wikipedia

    Segments. Operation and usage of the system is broken into 3 segments. The end users of the communication services provided by the WGS are described by the DoD as the terminal segment. Users include the Australian Defence Force and U.S. Army ground mobile terminals, U.S. Navy ships and submarines, national command authorities for the nuclear forces, and various national security/alli

  5. Computer network - Wikipedia

    Users are assigned an ID and password that allows them access to information and programs within their authority. Network security is used on a variety of computer networks, both public and private, to secure daily transactions and communications among businesses, government agencies, and individuals. Network surveillance

  6. Talk:Wang Laboratories/Archives/2013 - Wikipedia

    Wang had developed a computer called the 4000 around 1967 or 1968. The second foray into that arena, late in 1968, was the 3300 BASIC, which was to compete with the DEC PDP-8 and DG-10. Like its competition, the 3300 was a multi-user CPU with connected teletypewriter terminals. The 3300 was optimized for running BASIC.

  7. Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Science/May 2006

    MSN Messenger 7.5 annoying login problem When I try to login in MSN Messenger, sometimes (most times) the window about the unread messages in my e-mail account pops up but the rotating icon keeps rotating, impeding me from viewing my contacts.

  8. Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Science/May 2006 part 2

    Furthermore, I find that most antivirus sites maintain listings of native operations that might seem suspicious to users. Also, while a great many sites describing standard OS programs are quite detailed (so much so that it's sometimes difficult to figure out whether or not they're safe), I find the antivirus sites' descriptions seem to be ...