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  2. Dubai Crude - Wikipedia

    Dubai Crude is a medium sour crude oil extracted from Dubai. Dubai Crude is used as a price benchmark or oil marker because it is one of only a few Persian Gulf crude oils available immediately. There are two other main oil markers: Brent Crude and West Texas Intermediate. Dubai Crude is generally used for pricing Persian Gulf crude oil exports ...

  3. Oil reserves in Russia - Wikipedia

    By 2011, Russian oil production had increased to 10.54 million barrels per day (1.676 × 10 ^ 6 m 3 /d). It is the second largest exporter of oil in the world. In October 2018, Russia's crude oil output grew to 11.61 million barrels per day (1.846 × 10 ^ 6 m 3 /d), a new post-Soviet record. Reserve estimates

  4. Benchmark (crude oil) - Wikipedia

    Brent Crude is a mix of crude oil from 15 different oil fields in the North Sea. It is the benchmark used primarily in Europe though it is also mixed in with the OPEC reference basket which is used around the world. Dubai and Oman. Dubai Crude, also known as Fateh, is a heavy

  5. Extraction of petroleum - Wikipedia

    These include: natural water displacing oil downward into the well, expansion of the associated petroleum gas at the top of the reservoir, expansion of the associated gas initially dissolved in the crude oil, and gravity drainage resulting from the movement of oil within the reservoir from the upper to the lower parts where the wells are ...

  6. APA Corporation - Wikipedia

    In 1981, the company created Apache Petroleum Company (APC), the first public master limited partnership in the United States. In 1985, the company acquired oil and gas wells in 8 states from David Holdings for $200 million. In 1986, the company acquired oil and gas assets in the Gulf of Mexico from Occidental Petroleum.

  7. Artificial lift - Wikipedia

    Artificial lift refers to the use of artificial means to increase the flow of liquids, such as crude oil or water, from a production well. Generally this is achieved by the use of a mechanical device inside the well (known as pump or velocity string) or by decreasing the weight of the hydrostatic column by injecting gas into the liquid some distance down the well.

  8. Pumpjack - Wikipedia

    The arrangement is often used for onshore wells. Pumpjacks are common in oil-rich areas. Depending on the size of the pump, it generally produces 5 to 40 litres (1 to 9 imp gal; 1.5 to 10.5 US gal) of liquid at each stroke. Often this is an emulsion of crude oil and water. Pump size is also determined by the depth and weight of the oil to ...

  9. Energy intensity by country - Wikipedia

    World Resources Institute (2003) The following is a list of countries by energy intensity as published by the World Resources Institute for the year 2003. It is given in units of tonnes of oil equivalent per million constant year 2000 international dollars.