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  2. Schlumberger - Wikipedia

    Schlumberger maintains a 33-acre (13 ha) campus at the northeast corner of U.S. Highway 90A and Gillingham Lane in Sugar Land, Texas; as of 2017 Schlumberger is the third largest employer in the city. In 2015 Schlumberger announced that it was moving its U.S. corporate headquarters to the Sugar Land facility from its Houston office building.

  3. KBR (company) - Wikipedia

    US$ 1.857 billion (2019) Number of employees. ~28,000 (2019) Website. Footnotes / references. [1] KBR, Inc. (formerly Kellogg Brown & Root) is a U.S. based company operating in fields of science, technology and engineering. [2] KBR works in various markets including aerospace, defense, industrial and intelligence. [3]

  4. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation - Wikipedia

    Kuwait Petroleum Corporation ( Arabic: مؤسسة البترول الكويتية) is Kuwait's national oil company, headquartered in Kuwait City . The activities of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) are focused on petroleum exploration, production, petrochemicals, refining, marketing, and transportation. KPC produces about 7% of the world's total crude oil. Contents

  5. Rumaila oil field - Wikipedia

    The Rumaila oil field is a super-giant oil field located in southern Iraq, approximately 20 mi (32 km) from the Kuwaiti border. Discovered in 1953 by the Basrah Petroleum Company (BPC), an associate company of the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC), the field is estimated to contain 17 billion barrels, which accounts for 12% of Iraq's oil reserves estimated at 143.1 billion barrels.

  6. 1979 oil crisis - Wikipedia

    Date: 1979 () –1980 (): Also known as: Second oil crisis: The 1979 oil crisis, also known as the 1979 Oil Shock or Second Oil Crisis, was an energy crisis caused by a drop in oil production in the wake of the Iranian Revolution.

  7. Sonatrach - Wikipedia

    Sonatrach owns 50% of Numhyd, a joint venture with Tunisia's ETAP, and ALEPCO, a joint venture with Libya's National Oil Corporation.In 1998, Sonatrach acquired Naftal, which is the principal company selling petroleum-based fuels for domestic consumption with about 10,000 gas stations (as of 2005).