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  2. PrestaShop - Wikipedia

    The company, PrestaShop SA, was founded in 2007 by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Lévêque. Between May 2010 and April 2012, PrestaShop grew from 17 employees to more than a hundred, with the establishment of secondary headquarters in Miami. [failed verification] As of April 2016, PrestaShop has over 120 employees and offices in 6 countries.

  3. Glossary of oilfield jargon - Wikipedia

    Oilfield terminology refers to the jargon used by those working in fields within and related to the upstream segment of the petroleum industry.It includes words and phrases describing professions, equipment, and procedures specific to the industry.

  4. Ilya Ponomarev - Wikipedia

    Following jobs at Schlumberger and Yukos in the late 1990s, he became a successful technology entrepreneur. From 2002 to 2007, Ponomarev served as the chief information officer of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Career

  5. Raytheon Technologies - Wikipedia

    Raytheon also divested itself of several nondefense businesses in the 1990s, including Amana Refrigeration and Seismograph Service Ltd (sold to Schlumberger-Geco-Prakla). In November 2007, Raytheon purchased robotics company Sarcos, and in October 2009, Raytheon acquired BBN Technologies.

  6. Petroleum in the United States - Wikipedia

    According to the American Petroleum Institute, the oil and natural gas industry supports nine million U.S. jobs and makes up seven percent of the nation's gross domestic product. As of 2021, the petroleum and natural gas industries support 10.3 million jobs and make up 8% of the U.S. GDP.

  7. TotalEnergies - Wikipedia

    TotalEnergies SE is a French multinational integrated oil and gas company founded in 1924 and one of the seven "supermajor" oil companies.Its businesses cover the entire oil and gas chain, from crude oil and natural gas exploration and production to power generation, transportation, refining, petroleum product marketing, and international crude oil and product trading.