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  2. Turnkey - Wikipedia

    Common usage. Turnkey refers to something that is ready for immediate use, generally used in the sale or supply of goods or services. The word is a reference to the fact that the customer, upon receiving the product, just needs to turn the ignition key to make it operational, or that the key just needs to be turned over to the customer.

  3. Pierre - Wikipedia

    Pierre is a masculine given name. It is a French form of the name Peter. Pierre originally meant "rock" or "stone" in French (derived from the Greek word πέτρος (petros) meaning "stone, rock", via Latin "petra").

  4. Choose and Book - Wikipedia

    The contract was awarded to Schlumberger Limited's Sema division just before its acquisition by Atos Origin. The software is based on Cerner Corporation's Millennium e-Booking software. Surgery where immediate treatment is required is not in the remit of Choose and Book since such patients' needs bypass any longer-term queuing systems.

  5. Bibliothèque de la Pléiade - Wikipediaèque_de_la_Pléiade

    The Bibliothèque de la Pléiade also publishes an Album de la Pléiade every Summer, which is an illustrated book in the same format as the rest of the series, usually dedicated to one of the writers but sometimes also dedicated to writers from a specific time period (1989 album) or to an important topic (1970 and 2009 albums) from the collection.

  6. Éditions Gallimard - WikipediaÉditions_Gallimard

    The publisher was founded on 31 May 1911 in Paris by Gaston Gallimard, André Gide, and Jean Schlumberger as Les Éditions de la Nouvelle Revue Française (NRF). From its 31 May 1911 founding until June 1919, Nouvelle Revue Française published one hundred titles including La Jeune Parque by Paul Valéry.