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  2. Paulownia - Wikipedia

    Paulownia ( / pɔːˈloʊniə / paw-LOH-nee-ə) is a genus of seven to 17 species of hardwood tree (depending on taxonomic authority) in the family Paulowniaceae, the order Lamiales. They are present in much of China, south to northern Laos and Vietnam and are long cultivated elsewhere in eastern Asia, notably in Japan and Korea .

  3. List of plantations in North Carolina - Wikipedia

    Sloop Point was once owned by John Baptista Ashe, who was a delegate to the Continental Congress, U.S. Congressman from North Carolina and Continental Army officer. The known plantations during the period of the Province of North Carolina (1712–1776) are listed in the table below. Built from 1776 to 1863

  4. Langgan - Wikipedia

    Langgan 琅玕 is the ancient Chinese name of a gemstone which remains an enigma in the history of mineralogy; it has been identified, variously, as blue-green malachite, blue coral, white coral, whitish chalcedony, red spinel, and red jade.

  5. Anaconda–Pintler Wilderness - Wikipedia–Pintler_Wilderness

    The Anaconda–Pintler Wilderness is located in southwestern Montana, in the northwestern United States. It runs for 40 miles (64 km) along both sides of the crest of the Anaconda Range, covering almost 250 square miles (650 km 2 ). To the north are the Sapphire Mountains, and to the south is the Big Hole Valley.

  6. Horsepasture River - Wikipedia

    Designated. October 26, 1986. The Horsepasture River is an 18.1-mile-long (29.1 km) [5] National Wild and Scenic river [6] in the U.S. states of North Carolina and South Carolina. The river rises in Jackson County, North Carolina, and flows through the Jocassee Gorges area and ends at Lake Jocassee in South Carolina.

  7. Welcome Creek Wilderness - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Welcome Creek Wilderness is located in the U.S. state of Montana. Created by an act of Congress in 1978, the wilderness is within Lolo National Forest, and protects the northern portion of the Sapphire Mountains . U.S. Wilderness Areas do not allow motorized or mechanized vehicles, including bicycles.

  8. Beaverhead–Deerlodge National Forest - Wikipedia–Deerlodge...

    (Munday 2001) The greatest part of the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness is located in the larger Beaverhead National Forest portion of 2,130,671 acres (8,622.52 km 2 ), which is 64% of the total area of the forest. The rest of this wilderness extends into the neighboring Deerlodge and Bitterroot National Forests.

  9. List of numbered roads in Queensland - Wikipedia

    It is a list of all numbered roads in Queensland, Australia, as defined by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). The route and end-points of any numbered road can be determined by accessing the appropriate TMR map through this second reference document. There appears to be no easy way to determine which map to access for a ...