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  2. A Gallop Through History - Wikipedia

    A Gallop Through History. A Gallop Through History is an equestrian event planned to be held in the grounds of Windsor Castle on four evenings from 12 to 15 May 2022, as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The show will feature more than 1,000 performers and 500 horses, and will tell the story of the monarchy from Elizabeth I to ...

  3. Platinum Pudding - Wikipedia

    The Platinum Pudding Competition was founded in 2021 by Fortnum & Mason, developing the original concept that was the idea of British diplomat and food, culture, and travel writer Ameer Kotecha and former British diplomat and curator Jason Kelly, who shared their idea with Fortnum & Mason in order to deliver it on behalf of the nation.

  4. Justice League Europe - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Justice League Europe ( JLE) was a comic book series published by DC Comics that was a spin-off of the comic book Justice League America (which was then named Justice League International (vol. 1) for issues #7 to #25). Justice League Europe was published for 68 issues (plus five Annual s) from 1989 to 1994.

  5. Wolfenstein - Wikipedia

    The Wolfensteinseries of video games started with the 1981 stealth-adventure video game Castle Wolfenstein. It was developed by American programmer Silas Warner, along with Dale Gray and George Varndell.[2] Warner was a pioneer in the early eras of video gaming, especially the stealthgenre.

  6. John Siddeley, 1st Baron Kenilworth - Wikipedia

    John Davenport Siddeley, 1st Baron Kenilworth CBE (5 August 1866 – 3 November 1953), was a pioneer of the motor industry in the United Kingdom, manufacturing aero engines and airframes as well as motor vehicles.

  7. Clan Eliott - Wikipedia

    The crest badge used by clan members consists of a crest encircled by a strap and buckle containing a motto. The crest is a raised fist holding a sword, while the motto is FORTITER ET RECTE (translation from Latin: "Boldly and Rightly"). Castles Redheugh Tower was the historic seat of the chiefs of Clan Eliott, the Eliotts of Redheugh.

  8. Jewelry of the Swedish royal family - Wikipedia

    The Leuchtenberg sapphire set consists of a tiara, necklace, earrings, brooch and hairpins. The tiara is divided into eleven parts to get a flexible shape. The diadem can be worn in a wide, more open shape on the head or in a circular shape. On a portrait of Josephine of Leuchtenberg there is a version of the tiara with pearls.

  9. The Queen (2006 film) - Wikipedia

    The Queen (2006 film) - Wikipedia The Queen (2006 film) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Queen is a 2006 British biographical drama film that depicts the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997. Initially, the Royal Family regard Diana's death as a private affair and thus not to be treated as an official royal death.