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  2. List of macOS built-in apps - Wikipedia

    Grab was a built-in utility for taking screenshots. It supported capturing a marquee selection, a whole window, or the whole screen, as well as timed screenshots. The program originated from NeXTSTEP, and was replaced by the Screenshot utility in macOS Mojave. Grab saved screenshots in the TIFF format.

  3. Terry McGovern (actor) - Wikipedia

    Terry McGovern (actor) Terence McGovern (born May 11, 1942) [1] is an American actor, television broadcaster, radio personality and acting instructor. He is best known as the original voice of Disney character Launchpad McQuack from DuckTales and spin-off Darkwing Duck. He was also elected into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame as a member of its ...

  4. Portal:Kent/Districts in Kent - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. < Portal:Kent. Kent is divided into 12 local authority districts and Medway Unitary Authority. Sevenoaks. Dartford. Gravesham.

  5. Portal (1986 video game) - Wikipedia

    Portal is a text-driven adventure with a graphical interface published for the Amiga in 1986 by Activision. [citation needed] The writing is by American author Rob Swigart, and it was produced by Brad Fregger. Ports to the Commodore 64, Apple II, and IBM PC were later released. [citation needed] A version for the Atari ST was announced and ...

  6. TI MSP430 - Wikipedia

    MSP430 LaunchPad. Texas Instruments released the MSP430 LaunchPad in July 2010. The MSP430 LaunchPad has an onboard flash emulator, USB, 2 programmable LEDs, and 1 programmable push button. As an addition to experimentation with the LaunchPad a shield board is available. TI has since provided several new LaunchPads based on the MSP430 platform:

  7. App - Wikipedia

    Application software. Mobile app, software designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices. Web application or web app, software designed to run inside a web browser. App (file format), a file format used by HarmonyOS as an app package. Adjusted Peak Performance, a metric to measure computing performance in 64-bit processors and above.

  8. Portal:Evangelical Christianity - Wikipedia

    Introduction. Evangelicalism ( / ˌiːvænˈdʒɛlɪkəlɪzəm, ˌɛvæn -, - ən -/ ), also called evangelical Christianity or evangelical Protestantism, is a worldwide interdenominational movement within Protestant Christianity that affirms the centrality of being "born again", in which an individual experiences personal conversion; the ...

  9. The 30-year mortgage rate hits 7.48%, the highest level since ...

    On Monday, the average interest rate on 30-year mortgages rose to 7.48%, according to Mortgage News Daily — the highest level since November 2000. Other measures show slightly lower, if still ...