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  2. Martin County School District - Wikipedia Martin County School District, also referred to officially as the School Board of Martin County, is a public school district that covers Martin County, Florida. [3] The position of superintendent is appointed by the school board. [4] Its former Superintendent, Laurie J. Gaylord, was first elected in 2012, with her second term ...

  3. Florida Parental Rights in Education Act - Wikipedia

    The Florida Parental Rights in Education Act, commonly known as the Don't Say Gay act or as the Don't Say Gay or Trans act, is a Florida state law passed in 2022 that enacted several statutes to regulate public schools in Florida.

  4. Escambia County School District - Wikipedia

    The Escambia County School District ( ECSD) is the organization responsible for the administration of public schools in all of Escambia County, Florida, in the United States. [2] The district currently administers 35 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and seven high schools, as well as a number of specialized centers.

  5. Lemon Bay High School - Wikipedia

    www .lemonbayhigh .com [dead link] Lemon Bay High School (LBHS) is a public high school located in Englewood, Florida, USA. It serves grades nine to twelve and is operated by Charlotte County Public Schools. [3] Lemon Bay High School takes students from Charlotte County, Lee County and Sarasota County because Englewood and Boca Grande are split ...

  6. Polk County Public Schools - Wikipedia

    Before 1965, Polk County maintained two separate school systems, one for white students, and a separate system for non-white students. In 1963, a group of parents of Black students attempted to have their children admitted to the all-white schools. When their applications were denied by the school board, they filed suit in federal district court.

  7. History of Sarasota, Florida - Wikipedia,_Florida

    The earliest known identification of the area known today as Sarasota, Florida, was identified on a sheepskin Spanish map from 1763 with the word "Zarazote" written over the location of present-day Sarasota and Bradenton. [1] The municipal government of Sarasota was established when it was incorporated as a town in 1902. [2]

  8. Andrew Pollack - Wikipedia

    Meadow Jade Pollack (October 5, 1999 [10] – February 14, 2018) was the daughter of Andrew Pollack and Shara Kaplan. She was named after Meadow Soprano, a character on The Sopranos. [6] A senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, she was murdered in the February 14, 2018 shooting. [1] Meadow was shot six times and had attempted to avoid ...

  9. List of sapphires by size - Wikipedia

    Ruspoli Sapphire: 136.9 carats (27.38 g) Stuart Sapphire: Sri Lanka 104 carats (20.8 g) Blue Tower of London: Bismarck Sapphire: Myanmar: 98.56 carats (19.712 g) Table Blue National Museum of Natural History, Washington James J. Hill Sapphire: 22.66 carats (4.532 g) Cornflower National Museum of Natural History, Washington