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  2. List of thermal conductivities - Wikipedia

    Sapphire values are taken from Kingery, W.D. and Norton, F.H., USAEC Rept. NYO-6447, 1-14, 1955, TPRC II pages 94, 96, curve 19 ref. 72 page 1160. Errata: The numbered references in the NSRDS-NBS-8 pdf are found near the end of the TPRC Data Book Volume 2 and not somewhere in Volume 3 like it says. Aluminium oxide, porous 22% Porosity 2.3

  3. Light-emitting diode - Wikipedia

    It was predicted that since 2020, 40% of all GaN LEDs are made with GaN-on-Si. Manufacturing large sapphire material is difficult, while large silicon material is cheaper and more abundant. LED companies shifting from using sapphire to silicon should be a minimal investment. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs)

  4. Arthur Sullivan - Wikipedia

    Sullivan embarked on his composing career with a series of ambitious works, interspersed with hymns, parlour songs and other light pieces in a more commercial vein. His compositions were not enough to support him financially, and between 1861 and 1872 he worked as a church organist, which he enjoyed; as a music teacher, which he hated and gave up as soon as he could; and as an arranger of ...