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  2. List of corporate collapses and scandals - Wikipedia

    The Bank of England refused to advance money, and it collapsed. The directors were sued, but exonerated from fraud. Friedrich Krupp. Germany. 1873. Steel, metals. Krupp's business over-expanded, and had to take a 30m Mark loan from the Preußische Bank, the Bank of Prussia. Danatbank. Germany.

  3. Emilio Botín - Wikipediaín

    Emilio Botín-Sanz de Sautuola García de los Ríos, iure uxoris Marquess of O'Shea (1 October 1934 – 10 September 2014) was a Spanish banker. [2] He was the executive chairman of Spain's Grupo Santander. In 1993 his bank absorbed Banco Español de Crédito ( Banesto ), and in 1999 it merged with Banco Central Hispano creating Banco Santander ...

  4. Avianca - Wikipedia

    Avianca S.A. ( acronym in Spanish for Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A., "Airways of the American Continent") is a Colombian airline. It has been the flag carrier of Colombia [3] [4] since December 5, 1919, when it was initially registered under the name SCADTA.

  5. Hugo Aguilar - Wikipedia

    Hugo Heliodoro Aguilar Naranjo (born January 4, 1952 in Suaita, Santander) is a Colombian policeman, businessman, and politician. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Served as governor of his home state of Santander from 2004 to 2007. In 1993, he led the operation that resulted in the death of Medellin Cartel founder Pablo Escobar.

  6. José Luis Zamanillo González-Camino - Wikipediaé_Luis_Zamanillo...

    CT, FET, UNE. José Luis Zamanillo González-Camino (1903–1980) was a Spanish Traditionalist politician. He was the leader of Carlist paramilitary Requeté structures during the Republic and a champion of Carlist collaborationist policy during mid- Francoism, though in the 1940s he maintained a firm anti-regime stand.

  7. Recovery of funds from the Madoff investment scandal - Wikipedia

    Santander lost €17 million ($23.8 million) of its own money. 70% of its affected clients are in Latin America. In April, Santander offered its clients compensation for losses from the fraud, and 93% of clients affected by the Madoff fraud had accepted, which it originally valued at €1.38 billion.

  8. Alliance & Leicester - Wikipedia

    Alliance & Leicester plc was a British bank and former building society, formed by the merger in 1985 of the Alliance Building Society and the Leicester Building Society. The business demutualised in the middle of 1997, when it was floated on the London Stock Exchange. It was listed in the FTSE 250 Index, and had been listed in the FTSE 100 ...